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Wages into Next Year, Suleiman Stresses Benefiting from Resistance’s Weapons

Wages into Next Year, Suleiman Stresses Benefiting from Resistance’s Weapons
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Zeinab Essa

Few hours and the world's clocks are to announce the departure of 2011 and the beginning of its successor. And between the two stations, a pause must be taken on the surrealistic scene the Arab World is witnessing with the beginning of the New Year:
Arab dictatorships were overthrown and Tunisian revolution was raging flames that flared up anger in a nation saddled with inactivity and dejection buried under the sand.

To Egypt, wrath flared a great revolution that toppled the Pharaoh. However, months later the revolution is back to the field declaring its clear decision: people want to overthrow the military rule.

In neighboring Libya, the people's revolution erupted, but the West interfered military seeking to preserve oil interests. And between people's revolution and the Western greed the colonel fell dead, declaring the end of an era of injustice and tyranny.

But the so-called Arab spring quickly turned into autumn falling leaves when the revolution reached the small Bahraini island.

Bahrain sacrificed blood and lives. But the Arabs, gold and oil countries, chimed in with their masters in Washington that the Bahraini regime mustn't fall and the revolution must be banned since al-Khalifa are part of Washington's police in the Gulf.

During the last month of the 2011, a great victory was recorded as US United States withdrew humiliated from Iraq and the Iraqi resistance restored the country's freedom and dignity.

And based on the rule that the refraction of the wolf should not be seen, Washington turned the world's attention from Iraq to Syria making its terrorist tails move under the title of the revolution to the overthrow the axis of defiance and resistance. But the spider's web was exposed and the Syrian people clearly declared it: Damascus is the Lion's Den and the castle of steadfastness.
Moving into Lebanon, the US project has suffered an unprecedented regret as "March 14" bets fell into the American trap. The new majority ruled the government, and the Special Tribunal for Lebanon was funded from outside the State Treasury. This came as Saad Hariri left the country while Premier Najib Mikati's government was recording successes on electricity, oil, and even the STL.
On the security level, "Israeli" agents' networks fell like dominos while the great surprise was when US CIA intelligence was exposed to Hizbullah and Beirut station was closed: Hizbullah has defeated us.

Suleiman to Re-launch Dialogue

Moving to the last day events in 2011, Lebanese President Michel Suleiman announced that he is seeking to re-launch National Dialogue at Baabda Palace to discuss the country's defense strategy.

Confirming that "Lebanese defensive strategy should be based on the positive investment of the resistance weapons," the president's sources informed "as-Safir" Lebanese daily Saturday that "Suleiman met with the presidential team involved in the all-party talks to discuss what the National Dialogue has achieved and the reasons preventing the implementation of previous decisions."

"Suleiman believes that the confrontation of the Lebanese army to the "Israeli" violation in the southern town of Adeisseh and the resistance's readiness to intervene had the military asked for help, is an example of the expected national defense strategy," the sources explained.

Stating that "such a strategy is based on the positive investment of the resistance weapons," the paper revealed that "the President is to intensify his consultations with leaders of political parties early next year in hope that all bickering parties would agree to attend the National Dialogue."

"There are so far no common viewpoints between the different factions except for the acceptance of the concept of dialogue," Presidential sources admitted.

Ghosn's Info Accurate

Concerning the file of al-Qaeda members' infiltration from Lebanon to Syria, MP Assem Qanso asserted Defense minister Fayez Ghosn's information regarding the existence of "al-Qaeda cells in Lebanon."

"There are 20 invisible ones in Beirut," he told "al-Jumhuriya" newspaper, clarifying that "there are no specific heads of operation for al-Qaeda in Lebanon... but there are 20 cells present in Beirut. These cells are invisible and work under a specific order for attaining a particular objective."
He further explained that "some al-Qaeda members entered Aarsal town at a specific time and were uncovered by the Lebanese army."
Similarly, informed sources told "ad-Diyar" newspaper that "the atmosphere of the Supreme Defense Council was compatible with Ghosn's information about the reports of infiltration of militants from al-Qaeda to Syria. "

"Al-Binaa"newspaper also mentioned that the council's reports came compatible to that of defense minister, but the sources did not reveal the details of these reports.

The information came as Speaker Nabih Berri met Friday with Defense Minister Ghosn to discuss the latest developments, including Lebanon's security, the National News Agency reported.

Wages between Yes and NO

At another level, the wages decree is to be transferred to next year.

"An-Nahar" Lebanese daily reported Saturday that the government will most likely deliberate on a fourth decision on the wage hike next week as the Shura Council is inclined to disapprove a proposal made by Labor Minister Charbel Nahhas.

The government's decision of wages' hike has been referred to the Shura Council for its green light.

"The Council, which is expected to issue its verdict on Tuesday, a day before a cabinet's session, will most likely express reservations on Nahhas' proposal," "an-Nahar" said.

Mansour to Libya

In parallel, "as-Safir" learned from official sources that the Minister of State Adnan Mansour has finished the arrangements and contacts to visit Libya in the near future.

"Mansour is to head a large official diplomatic and non-diplomat delegation to meet senior Libyan officials to follow up and explore the latest developments on the fate of the concealed Imam Mousa al-Sadr," it added.

The newspaper pointed out that "Mansour will also participate in the Arab ministerial meeting devoted to discuss the judaizing al-Quds to be held in the Qatari capital Doha on 15, 16 and 17 of the next month."

Source: Lebanese newspapers, Translated and Edited by