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Berri Urges Gov’t to Launch Oil, Gov’t VS. Wages Again

Berri Urges Gov’t to Launch Oil, Gov’t VS. Wages Again
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Zeinab Essa

Here is al-Quds the beginning of each title and no ends.

Here it is...the cities' bride and flower of fields. It is all of Palestine and the title of each issue.

From the spirit of Jesus it was the cradle of the message and from Mohammad's limp the eternal miracle.

The sky's capital it is and will always be. For its sake blood and souls are priceless.

As the year declines on a series of regional concerns moving between Iraq and Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, the Zionist enemy is seeking to pass a law which allows it to declare al-Quds as a capital for its Zionist entity and Jewish people.

In the midst of the regional and international concerns and in the time of holidays, the "Israeli" enemy does not sleep on any opportunity for Judaizing the Holy city.

In Syria, where the blood of the martyrs of the recent blasts had not dried yet, the first mission of Arab observers reached the capital, Damascus and the head of the mission announced a serious Syrian cooperation with the observers.

The head of the team, the Sudanese General Mustafa Dabi, told Reuters that Damascus had been cooperative.
Our Syrian brothers are cooperating very well and without any restrictions so far," he said.

Ghosn: Syria Info Correct, Beware of Secret Papers

In Lebanon, Defense Minister Fayez Ghosn stressed that his last week revelations concerning the infiltration of "al-Qaeda" members from Lebanese town Arsal to Syria are correct.
"My declarations last week were not a product of speculation, but they were based on information we received, which we thought was prudent to reveal to the public," he stressed.

Confirming that he was trying to highlight the dangers against Lebanon's security and stability, the minister viewed that "the criticism that was directed against me has been approached from a sectarian perspective, making it appear as if I was targeting a specific sect or the dignity of the town."

"We know that the Lebanese, regardless of their sectarian affiliations, reject and combat terrorism," he added.

Considering that "those questioning his statements are doing so in order to fulfill political purposes," Ghosn stated that "the army and security forces are performing their duties in tackling the security situation which should motivate the people to support the army and its role in defending Lebanon."

"Ghosn, from his position as a defense minister, represents the political reference for the army," "as-Safir" commented adding that "if someone did not like the ministers' words, they might respond without fooling people and burying their heads in the sand."

Sources close to Ghosn alerted to the daily that the information he revealed is only a little of what he owns.

Noting that "the political team that belongs to him has certain information about how the smuggling of arms to Syria took place, and to what side they belong," sources reflected to "as-Safir" that "it may be necessary to detect some of these papers if the attack continues on the minister of defense."

Berri: Oil Decree Or Questioning Gov't

At another level, Lebanese House Speaker Nabih Berri urged the government against failing to issue the decrees concerning the implementation of decisions reached on oil exploration.

In remarks to "as-Safir" newspaper, Berri warned to call on the parliament to convene to question the government over its performance if it didn't issue the decrees during a session scheduled to be held at Baabda palace Wednesday.

"I can't tolerate any delay after I was patient enough," the speaker added.

Noting that Prime Minister Najib Mikati and Energy Minister Gebran Bassil had committed themselves to issue the decrees by the end of the year, Berri asserted that "I will not accept any breach in the obligations."

"I will call for a parliamentary session to inquire the government, even if the concerned party was a friend or an ally," Berri said.

Berri further warned that "Cyprus and "Israel" began applying measures by kicking off the exploration expeditions, while we continue wasting time."

He also noted that the "economic and financial crisis created a dispute on the wage hike boost... However; we continue ignoring the offshore oil wealth."

Thursday's Session: Wages Awaits Shura Council

Meanwhile, "al-Akhbar" Lebanese daily uncovered that "official documents show that competent regulatory bodies confirmed on several occasions that there was no check on the financial accounts over the past years."

In parallel, Lebanese government is set to be held tomorrow at the Baabda Presidential Palace. The session is to include two farewell speeches by President Michel Suleiman and Prime Minister Najib Mikati.

"An-Nahar" mentioned Monday that the State Shura Council is expected to issue a decision regarding the wage adjustment prior to Wednesday governmental session. Ministerial sources told "an-Nahar" that "the problem is still as it is, causing a thorny stalemate."

However "as-Safir" quoted several ministers unveiling that "the Council would give the green light to the wage hike while others stressed that it would reject it for failing to abide by a last-minute deal reached by the Economic Committees and the General Labors' Commission."

STL Employees in "Israel"

At another concern, "al-Akhbar" daily reported that "media information from Hague states that a number of employees in the Office of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon's Prosecutor Daniel Bellemare have travelled to the Zionist entity to spend the Christmas holiday and New Year there."

Commenting on this information, an STL official declared that "the court is not interested in the place chosen by the staff to spend their vacation, as this is not a departure from the law."

Source: Lebanese newspapers, Translated and Edited by