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Sayyed Nasrallah-Aoun: Alliance Fixed, Telecom ’’Israeli’’ Agent into 7 Years Jail

Sayyed Nasrallah-Aoun: Alliance Fixed, Telecom ’’Israeli’’ Agent into 7 Years Jail
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Zeinab Essa

Bells rang announcing the gospel: It's the Birth of God's Spirit, His mercy, and eternal miracle.

As in every year, the Birth's crescent appears full of hope with better days of love and tolerance.

In the birthplace, in occupied Palestine, the Zionist occupation is still performing its endless arrogance by declaring launching the building of new settlements in occupied al-Quds while the international eye sleeps regarding violations of basic Palestinian human rights.

Meanwhile, the region closes its doors in front of the American hegemony in Iraq while the country and its people are celebrating the end of the occupation nightmare that chose the nights' darkness to complete the humiliating withdrawal of its soldiers.

In Syria, the mask of terrorism unfolds day after day as the regime and its people remain steadfast in face of US and its tools' attacks.

In Lebanon, where the country moves into glorious holiday vacation, the Lebanese welcomed the good news revealed by the government: wages were settled and trade unions tend to suspend strikes.

This comes at a time where fixed equations are highlighted: majority is united to the max and to those betting on the contrary: Beware of fantasies and daydreams.

Gov't Adjusts Wages

The Lebanese government voted Wednesday in favor of a wage boost decree proposed by Labor Minister Charbel Nahhas.

Under the new decision the minimum wage was hiked to LL868, 000 - a sum that includes a LL236, 000 transportation allowance that the government added to the basic salary.
Additionally, the government decided to cover directly the National Social Security Fund fees for sickness and maternity benefits which employers and employees used to pay from their own pockets.

Fifteen ministers voted in favor of Nahhas' wage hike decree while 11 voted
against it. Minister Wael Abou Faour abstained from voting while Ministers Salim Karam, Faisal Karami and Nazem al-Khoury did not attend the session that was held at Baabda palace.

Commenting on the ministerial development, Prime Minister Mikati told "as-Safir" Lebanese newspaper that "he respects the democratic game and the outcome of the vote."

"The political message arrived and I accept it. The "March 8" coalition team wanted to express solidarity with Gen. Michel Aoun ... I understand the political considerations behind this position, but everyone must realize that these considerations will have strong economic repercussions," Mikati stressed.

Ministerial sources from "the Change and Reform" bloc confirmed to "as-Safir" that what happened "is a victory for the logic of the constitution and the law through the vote in favor of the draft submitted by the competent minister."
For its part, "al-Akhbar" Lebanese daily quoted sources close to the Union Coordination Committee that hailed these decisions.

"Our protest movement scored a major achievement, which should be developed by seeking more wage improvements," sources said.
Sayyed Nasrallah-Aoun Meeting: Productivity, Efficiency

Reflecting the fixed coalition between Hizbullah and the "Free Patriotic Movement", "as-Safir" mentioned that both parties went on with the operation of restoring their political relations.
The visit of General Michel Aoun to Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah Tuesday night indicated that the two parties are determined to reconsolidate and rejuvenate their strategic alliance," the paper added.

Similarly, "al-Akhbar" viewed that "Hizbullah and the Amal Movement supported the Free Patriotic Movement, thus revealing early on the results of the coordination mechanism the three parties had agreed on."
Qazzi into Jail

At another level, the Permanent Military Court sentenced the head of the maintenance department at the state-owned mobile phone firm "Alfa", Charbel Qazzi, , to seven years hard labor on charges of collaborating with the Zionist Entity.

Qazzi was arrested in June 2010 and charged with passing on information to "Israeli" spies during 2006 aggression against Lebanon.

Source: Lebanese newspapers, Translated and Edited by


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