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Sheikh Qassem: We’re to Sue Hizbullah Accusers, Wages into Round One

Sheikh Qassem: We’re to Sue Hizbullah Accusers, Wages into Round One
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Zeinab Essa

Winter loosened its cold shadows on Lebanon and the region as Holidays are at the doorsteps.

However, politics do not know meanings of the holidays and vacations.

US dragged its defeated tails from Iraq before the supposed date and its agenda in the region is moving to nowhere: The Syrian regime is still strong and remains fixed to its positions as features of the settlement appears from here and there.

In Damascus the Leadership refuses either to surrender or to compromise on the sovereignty and resistance.

In Lebanon, the information revealed by the resistance concerning US intelligence network remain at the top of political and security scene.

US media found no way out of confessing the fact: Hizbullah defeated us.

Baer: Hizbullah A Formidable Counterintelligence Adversary

In an interview with CNN, former CIA officer Robert Baer, who once served in the agency's Beirut station, Baer said that "the loss of human intelligence assets... could cost the US valuable intelligence."

Describing Hizbullah as a "formidable counterintelligence adversary," Baer claimed that "every single computer hard drive in Lebanon, they're into it. They're into police files, they're into military intelligence files, they can get on any Skype message, they can tap telephones, get into phone databases - you name it, they can do it. And they're very good at it."

Qassem: We're to Sue Who Accused Us with UNIFIL Attack

Meanwhile, the Deputy Secretary General of Hizbullah His Eminence Sheikh Naim Qassem announced that "Hizbullah is to formally question the Lebanese government on the detection of US spying network in Lebanon serving "Israel."

"US is trying to put all its capabilities to serve the "Israeli" deficit, he pointed out adding that "this is an aggression on Lebanon and US must be informed that you are to be accounted."

Commenting on statements claiming that "the resistance is responsible for the attack against French UNIFIL battalion," His Eminence stressed that "Hizbullah has decided to sue file a lawsuit against those who made such accusations against us not condemning or accusing "Israel", not even politically."
"The state and its security and military institutions are responsible for Lebanon's security," he explained adding that Hizbullah has nothing to do with what is taking place at the security level.

Emphasizing that "such an aggressive act does not serve Lebanon's interests, particularly the South's," Qassem noted that "these acts aim to cover for the continuous "Israeli" aggression against Lebanon."

Sheikh Qassem also remarked that "We are not responsible for everything that is happening in the south and there are 15 thousand Lebanese army soldiers and 15
thousand UNIFIL men who are responsible for the South's security."
Meanwhile, French Ambassador Denis Pietton met Friday with Hizbullah's official for international relations, Ammar Moussawi.

Bkirki's Meetings:
In parallel, Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rai met Friday in Bkirki with Hizbullah politburo member Ghaleb Abu Zainab, who passed on the Hizbullah's Secretary General's Greetings His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's greetings to the patriarch.

"As-Safir" Lebanese daily reported Saturday that the meeting between Hizbullah and al-Rai liesin the framework of strengthening the relationship between the Southern suburbs and Bkirki."

"It is not a just courtesy visit but it sets practical steps to dedicate a new work program of communication with the patriarch," the paper added clarifying that the meeting also discussed the framework of strengthening the follow-up work between the two sides."

Bkirki was the scene of additional key activity as the Maronite leaders agreed on the Orthodox meeting proposals regarding the parliamentary electoral law, while stressing the need to hold dialogue with the rest of the Lebanese factions on the matter.

Patriarch al-Rahi headed the meeting between Phalange Party chief Amin Gemayel, Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun, the head of the Lebanese Forces Samir Geagea, and "Marada Movement" chief MP Suleiman Franjieh.

Observers of the meeting told "an-Nahar" newspaper that it will be followed by other meetings to discuss the electoral law "with an eye on the events in Syria and the region.

"Even if these gatherings do not reach a conclusive result, they are enough to preserve a minimum of peace and communication between various leaders," sources stressed.

Suleiman: To Restart Dialogue

For his part, Lebanese president Michel Suleiman criticized the labeling of
constitutional institutions with sectarian descriptions.

According to "as-Safir", Suleiman confirmed for his visitor that "he is not take sides in any sectarian dispute in Lebanon."

Suleiman stressed that "he is not boycotting anyone and that the doors of the Baabda Presidential Palace are open to everyone."

He emphasized "the importance of dialogue in solving various disputes," stressing "the need to resume national dialogue unconditionally."

"The dialogue should discuss all issues of concern," he added revealing that "meetings will be held among prominent political officials as part of efforts to restart the dialogue."

Wages Again Into Discussion

Concerning livelihood issues, the State Shura Council approved the draft wage adjustment decree on condition of amending it prior to its adoption.
"Accordingly, wages would be divided into incremental sections instead of dividing workers into two categories according to the value of their wages,"
"as-Safir" informed.

For its part, "al-Akhbar" Lebanese daily reported that "for the third time in two months, the Council of Ministers will have to reconsider its wage increase decision."

"The decision, which is set to be published next week, will be backed by a unified stance by the Change and Reform bloc, Hizbullah and the Amal Movement," the paper mentioned.

"Labor Minister Charbel Nahhas officially requested that the wage adjustment issue be added to the agenda of the forthcoming Council of Ministers' session," "al-Akhbar" uncovered.

Source: Lebanese newspapers, Translated and Edited by