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Massive Rallies in Tahrir Sqaure Continue, Tantawi not Responding

Massive Rallies in Tahrir Sqaure Continue, Tantawi not Responding
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Local Editor

Protesters in Egypt have again occupied Tahrir Square asking for the resignation of the new military rulers who stepped in to fill the void left by ousted President Hosni Mubarak's departure.

Thousands gathered Sunday morning ahead of a planned "million person march", called for by the Revolution Youth Coalition, to reject the caretaker prime minister appointed by the army, Kamal Al-Ganzuri.

After their successful protests in February that toppled Mubarak, the demonstrators have went back to the streets in similar protests for their fear that Egypt's temporary military rulers are looking to consolidate their influence and resort to Mubarak-era tactics of violence and repression.

In an effort to resolve the crisis, Tantawi called Sunday for a meeting with all political party leaders and future presidential candidates, but it was boycotted by several leading figures.

Tantawi warned that "no one would be allowed to pressure the armed forces" and asked senior political leaders Mohamed Al-Baradei, and Ex-Arab League chief Amr Moussa for support.

"We are faced with enormous challenges and we will not allow any individual or party to pressure the armed forces," he told reporters, asking that Al-Baradei and Moussa "support the government of Kamal Al-Ganzuri." 78-year-old Kamal Al-Ganzuri, is a Mubarak-era premier.

Source: AFP