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Shlomo Mofaz: Hizbullah Owns Advanced Intelligence Capabilities, Latest Revelation a Blow for CIA

Shlomo Mofaz: Hizbullah Owns Advanced Intelligence Capabilities, Latest Revelation a Blow for CIA
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Local Editor

Colonel (Res.) Shlomo Mofaz, former head of "Israel" military intelligence in Lebanon, said that Hizbullah's recent extrication of a CIA's spy network in Lebanon isn't the first of its kind. In the end of years 2008 - 2009 and 2010 several spying networks were captured, not one or two, but three networks, yet what was published recently, which seems very authenticated, comes from several sources from the U.S. administration, and if this is true, then it is a blow for the CIA.

"Hizbullah, in fact, proved to have very advanced technological capabilities and professional skills as well, and I have to point out that Hizbullah has largely restored itself after the second Lebanon war. Hizbullah actually works with very strict security networks. You cannot join Hizbullah these days without going through a very detailed investigation, an investigation you won't find in any country. You can join if you have relative there, or you are recommended by someone, or if you know them in person and here as well you go through several stages of in-depth investigation and scrutiny which are very, very detailed," Mofaz explained.

He noted that one year ago, the Americans provided Saniora's government with hi-tech eavesdropping and tracking equipments that some say they have fallen into the hands of Hizbullah, which facilitated the party's job to expose the American networks.

Mofaz remarked that the upsetting fact is that the informants captured are Lebanese nationals or residents, no American agents were arrested, but informants belonging to networks spread in Lebanon.

"The problem is that you are building what is called a "human intelligence network" which takes a very long time to establish, you have to build confidence with the recruits, provide them with the suitable means of communication, allocate them, supply them with the so-called vital information, train them, etc ...This is a long time-exhausting process. The fall of a human intelligence network is considered a very severe blow, which requires a future change in the techniques being implemented and a beginning from scratch.

Source: "Israeli" Army Radio, Translated by team