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Moussawi: LAU Incident Proved that Their Pens Used to Stab the Back

Moussawi: LAU Incident Proved that Their Pens Used to Stab the Back
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Local Editor

"Loyalty to Resistance" bloc MP Nawaf Moussawi viewed that "the assault against the Lebanese American University students shows that the group which claims that it carries the pen as a weapon uses it to stab in the back."

"Their weapons are stones that wounds the heads of students seeking science and knowledge; their culture is established on curses, insults and cheap sectarian inciting," he considered.

In an educational ceremony at LAU, the MP called Interior Minister Marwan Charbel "to investigate the incident and look into the way Internal Security Forces officers behaved during the clash, especially that there is information according to which some officers took part in it."

Moussawi also called Lebanese army to guard LAU's campus if "the rebellion of the Qoreitem's state which is armed and camouflaged by ISF suits, persists."

The MP also commented on the newly issued law regarding Lebanese forced refugees to the Zionist entity by saying: "the strong alliance between Hizbullah, "Free Patriotic Movement", "Amal" and the rest of the Lebanese national parties managed to dismantle a mine prepared by "March 14" team to bomb it in the Parliament and to embarrass the "FPM"."

" The law accomplished three important elements: punishing the collaborators, protecting national security and resolving the issue of those who were forces to took refuge in "Israel", because no one would accept that any Lebanese remains detained in "Israel"," he concluded.

Source: Hizbullah Media Relations, Translated and Edited by