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Ahmadinejad: ME Nations Can Lead World If United

Ahmadinejad: ME Nations Can Lead World If United
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Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated that the countries of the Middle
East are capable of becoming part of the world's political and economic powers.

During a meeting with a group of Egyptian female activists and intellectuals in Tehran, President Ahmadinejad stressed, "If all the countries in the Middle East join hand, they can take control of the major political and economic centers in the world as they have the required potentials and facilities to achieve the objective".
Moreover, he affirmed that "if the regional and world nations unite, poverty and injustice will be definitely eliminated".

Furthermore, The Iranian President added that on the other hand, the enemies of the region are making efforts to cause division among nations, in order to achieve their goals.
Concerning the uprisings spreading across the Arab world, American, and European countries, President Ahmadinejad confirmed that this stands as a historic opportunity to salvage humanity, so that nations would be able to eradicate inequalities.

He further warned against the colonial powers that seek to strain the friendly relations between Tehran and Cairo, through causing conflict between both countries.

On its part, the Egyptian delegation praised the Iranian position in the regional and global arena, and stressed on the importance of ties between Tehran and Cairo as they represent an important position against the "Israeli" and global hegemonic powers.

Source: Press TV, Edited by team