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Sheikh al-Azhar Criticizes US Bias Stance with Zionist Entity, Refuses US Alleged Democracy

Sheikh al-Azhar Criticizes US Bias Stance with Zionist Entity, Refuses US Alleged Democracy
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Local Editor

His Eminence Sheikh of al-Azhar Mosque, Ahmad al-Tayyeb, confirmed that the problem of the Arabs and Muslims lies in the US policies regarding the various Islamic issues and not with the American people.

Sheikh al-Tayyeb criticized the US bias stance with the Zionist entity on the level of the Palestinian cause, further stressing that this bias stance increases the status of hatred and despair from the US administration justice, and increases the insistence of al-Azhar to support the Palestinian people in order to establish their independent state whose capital is al-Quds (Jerusalem).
During a meeting with the US Ambassador to Cairo, Ann Peterson, Sheikh al-Tayyeb believed, "The US democracy is not an example to follow", further noting, "The real democracy is the one that emanates from the people and reflects the people's choice and originality".

Sheikh of al-Azhar expressed his total rejection of "the generous support of the European Union and the US". He referred that this support is devoted to some associations that care for the silliest issues, while it ignores serious aids for education and combating poverty and disease.

Furthermore, Sheikh Ahmad al-Tayyeb reiterated, "The US intervention in the Muslim world has created violent reactions, and it also created the hatred that we see today". He also urged the US administration to "go back to its senses and weigh things with the balance of justice and truth", warning that in the absence of this balanced view, everyone would lose, and blood would be wasted in the East and West alike.

Moreover, Sheikh of al-Azhar Mosque stressed that the Arab Spring and revolutions are resulted by the peoples' wills. However, he also said that despite the money and tools which the West in general and the US in particular imposed to cause democratic change in the region, these efforts weren't effective.

"This is because our people are aware of its [the West] interests and its complex relation with the world. From this point we fully reject all the conditions and dictates that come from the West and the US", Sheikh of al-Azhar reaffirmed.
His Eminence further expressed his "utter pain and dismay of some Muslim American citizens' exposure to harm, contrary to the democracy and diversity in free societies".

Source: News Agencies, Translated and Edited by team