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Foreign Policy: Norway Terrorist to Serve Sentence in “Luxury” Prison

 Foreign Policy: Norway Terrorist to Serve Sentence in “Luxury” Prison
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Local Editor

The Norwegian terrorist, Anders Behring Breivik, responsible for the Oslo bomb and Utoya massacre was seized and sentenced. To where exactly?

After proofs that he was farthest than could ever be from any Islamic "terrorist" approach, but rather was a pro-Zionist extremist who declared his enmity towards Islam, the world is now waiting to see how such a "criminal" would be treated.

A criminal like Breivik might by now consider his guilt and be terrified from a possible life-time sentence with hard labor. However, the Norwegian mass killer would most probably be sentenced to a national prison where "he should count himself lucky [...]" where in general, the country's panel system is "among the cushiest in the world", Foreign Policy stated.
 Foreign Policy: Norway Terrorist to Serve Sentence in “Luxury” Prison
Norway's Halden Prison, the country's second largest and most secure facility follows the penal system where no capital punishment is sentences, the longest jail term is 21 years with a possible 5 year extension if a prisoner was deemed to still be a threat, the global magazine added.
In a photo report published online, Foreign Policy described the Halden Prison from the inside-out, revealing the luxurious status of "criminal" lives; a situation which might also await Breivik to join.

Inmates in Halden live normal lives, probably more beneficial lives than the ones they had before being sentence to this prison, which apparently has no iron bars.
For example, Foreign Policy stated that each inmate has a flat-screen TV in his room. The report added that inmates at Halden "get private cells with mini-fridges and large windows to let in more sunlight".
 Foreign Policy: Norway Terrorist to Serve Sentence in “Luxury” Prison

Normal prisons keep their inmates inside their cells, and they are only allowed out for walks or lunch or other prison activities. However that is not the case at Halden, where the prisoners spend a lot of time out of their cells for some "exercise" with their personal trainers. Times magazine indicated that the prison is spread over 75 acres "of gently sloping forest.... To avoid an institutional feel, exteriors are not concrete but made of brocks, galvanized steep and larch; the buildings seem to have grown organically from the woodlands".

 Foreign Policy: Norway Terrorist to Serve Sentence in “Luxury” PrisonThe Foreign Policy report also referred to the "well-stocked" library at Halden, which contains books, magazine, CDs, and DVDs; the perfect punishment for indictees of murder and other crimes.
What's also stunning about Halden is that Guards don't carry guns, but are also encouraged to be friendly with the inmates and share with them sports and eating time, where according to Foreign Policy; a sense of family would be created.
Not only that, but "dental care" is inevitable, where FREE dental checkups are regularly conducted for the inmates.

 Foreign Policy: Norway Terrorist to Serve Sentence in “Luxury” Prison

What are the odds that a prison is considered by some to be the "most humane" prison in the world, and one would actually be pleased to be sentenced there?
Foreign Policy also indicated that prisoners are allowed to do various activities, including sports, music and other "fun activities" they could do for entertainment.

It might be the most humane prison in the world, but "unfair" can simply describe it. Is this how criminals like Anders Behring Breivik, who killed some 90 innocent people, should be punished for his crime?

Source: Foreign Policy

Images by: Alex Masi