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Sheikh al-Azhar Receives Hizbullah Delegation, Expresses Support to Sayyed Nasrallah

Sheikh al-Azhar Receives Hizbullah Delegation, Expresses Support to Sayyed Nasrallah
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Local Editor

The Grand Sheikh of al-Azhar Mosque, Sheikh Ahmad al-Tayyeb received on Tuesday a Hizbullah and Iranian delegation.
This comes as a precedent meeting since the collapse of President Hosni Mubarak's regime, which regularly accused Hizbullah and Iran of interfering in the Egyptian domestic affairs and spreading the Shiite approach in its territories.

During his meeting with the Hizbullah delegation headed by Arab Relations Official Hassan Izzeddine, Sheikh al-Tayyeb affirmed, "Egypt welcomes all national and resistance stances that secure the Arab nations' capabilities in their homelands".
Al-Tayyeb requested that the delegation would deliver a letter to Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, which reads that Sheikh al-Tayyeb "supports each and every loyal effort that looks after the sacred rights, and also supports all what has been achieved of national stances in the balances of struggle".

Furthermore, Sheikh al-Tayyeb stressed sacrifices achieved so far shouldn't be dispelled by narrow political and sectarian attitudes, but the nation's interests should be anticipated.
Sheikh Ahmad al-Tayyeb called for taking into account the delicate situation that Arab countries across the Levant are experiencing. He added that pure blood and threatened destinies should be protected, and the authorities should look over the nation's rights and choices, and prevent the intervention of foreign forces and parties that do not wish the nation well. Sheikh al-Tayyeb demanded all parties to take into account the nation's interests without any other considerations.

Moreover, al-Azhar Sheikh affirmed that "The revolutionary Egypt welcomes all national and struggling approaches", further stressing that al-Azhar Mosque is a fort for Islamic studies and will remain open for all sects and moderate Islamic movements.
On another hand, Sheikh Ahmad al-Tayyeb received an Iranian delegation, headed by Iranian Deputy for Ahwaz district Naser al-Soudani, who delivered a letter from Iranian Speaker of Parliament Ali Larijani, which included an invitation for Sheikh al-Tayyeb to visit Iran.

Al-Azhar Sheikh welcomed the delegation, hoping that relations between Iran and the Arab countries would be enhanced, through what achieves a joint confrontation against threats of the Islamic nation. Sheikh al-Tayyeb also expressed al-Azhar's praising of the rapprochement between the Islamic sects.

Source: News Agencies