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“Israel” Urged to Stop Faking Passports

 “Israel” Urged to Stop Faking Passports
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Local Editor

Various countries send strong message to "Israel" saying they are aware their passports are being used by Mossad agents.

"Yedioth Ahronoth" "Israeli" daily reported Thursday that various countries have sent secret messages to "Israel" informing the enemy's government that they are aware that Mossad agents are using their passports in overseas operations.
"The countries, "all friends of "Israel", demanded to halt all use of such passports in messages to "Israeli" embassies and as part of the consular discourse," the paper clarified noting that "the protest had caused considerable embarrassment to "Israel" in several cases.

"In other cases, "Israel" could not respond to the claims as they did not include names and details of the alleged Mossad agents." "Israeli" "Ynet News" clarified.
The protest grew following the assassination of Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai in February 2010. Dubai's police distributed photos and names of 33 individuals suspected of entering the country using European passports.

A diplomatic crisis between "Israel" and the UK ensued and culminated with the expulsion of an "Israeli" diplomat from London. Australia and Ireland followed suit, while France and Germany demanded clarifications from Tel Aviv.

"However, recent demands regarding the use of foreign passports came from countries which were not involved in the Mabhouh affair, including Asian, African and East European nations. It is unclear whether the messages are based on solid information or suspicions alone," "Ynet" added.

The website reports that one of the foreign diplomats who conveyed one such message said: "You have a bad reputation when it comes to other countries' passports."

This comes parallel to reports suggesting that three "Israelis" killed in New Zeeland Christchurch earthquakes were Mossad agents.