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Poll: 60% of Lebanese View STL Politicized

Poll: 60% of Lebanese View STL Politicized
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Local Editor

An opinion poll conducted by the Beirut Center for Research and Information and published by "al-Akhbar" daily shows that the majority of the Lebanese believe that the Special Tribunal of Lebanon is politicized.

According to the poll, which dealt with the confidence of the Lebanese to the independence of the international tribunal, nearly two-thirds felt that the issuance of the indictment is deliberately to coincide with the adoption of the ministerial statement, while 64% considered that the indictment's leaks in media along the past two years puts the credibility of the court in doubt.

It is worth mentioning that 46% of Sunni respondents had this view while more than 60% considered that General Prosecutor Bellemare's dealing with evidences presented by the Secretary General of Hizbullah His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah was not professional.

The Survey was conducted between 13 and July 16, 2011 including a sample of 800 pollsters. The survey adopted a statistical methodology that notes sectarian and regional distribution in addition to different age groups from both sexes.

On the question of the stakeholders in Hariri's assassination, the majority of the respondents accused "Israel" and US while only 13.8% accused Hizbullah and Syria.

The survey also showed that the majority of respondents felt that the forces in support of the tribunal aimed to achieve political ends and not justice.

Source: Al-Akhbar newspaper