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New Lebanese Government Gains Confidence, PM Assures No Negotiation over Justice

New Lebanese Government Gains Confidence, PM Assures No Negotiation over Justice
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Local Editor

Following three consecutive days of discussing the ministerial policy statement, the Lebanese government gained confidence with a majority of 68 votes out of 128 members of the parliament.

During the three days, the Lebanese witnessed two speeches, or two campaigns; one adopted by March 14 MPs which was constituted of attacks against the resistance, its weapons, and PM Najib Miqati; while the second one called for unity as well as government formation in order to improve the country's situation on various levels, and presented documented evidences on the politicization of the STL's indictment.

Two names were the guests of the March 14 arena, Hizbullah and former PM Rafik Hariri. Yet the difference, the first was to receive rains and floods of attacks and assaults, while the latter was frequently referred to as that for whom the March 14 is defending the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

The March 14 camp, on and on claimed that the new government aims at "assassinating the STL and the martyrs' rights just like Hariri was assassinated in 2005." Not only that, but also there were those among the March 14 who spoke on behalf of the dead...MP Fouad Seniora gave himself the right to speak on behalf of martyr Hariri, and say that the deceased does not give confidence to PM Najib Mikati's government.
With all the accusations raining cats and dogs on the government, its Prime Minister decided to remain silent and listen, until Thursday, when he delivered a statement before the vote.

Mikati assured that he does not negotiate over justice in order to stay in power, and that he works with conscious and loyalty to late PM Rafik Hariri. PM Miqati reassured his commitment to the policy statement, indicating that "some statements were unrealistic and irrational... and no one can claim that we were responsible for the incidents in Lebanon in the past few years."

Head of the new cabinet said "in order to make things clear, our government did not ignore the occurring division, but it assured that it will work on alleviating the situation, and will commit to the constitution and execute the Ta'ef accord."
Moreover, PM Miqati said that his government will not ignore the presence of arms in some cities and towns, and will follow up the issue, reassuring that preserving security is the state's responsibility.

Indicating that some members have abandoned facts and the truth about the independent and internal decision behind the cabinet formation, PM Miqati emphasized that his government is concerned of preserving stability and civil peace in Lebanon.

"The government did not abandon the martyrs' blood... it was shameful to say that the government abandoned the martyrs' blood. I refuse such biddings. I'm not someone who negotiates over justice to stay in power, nor someone who abandoned any martyr who fell for defending Lebanon... PM Rafiq Hariri was not a martyr for a political movement or a sect. I refuse to retreat from executing right and justice."

The end of three long days...Prime Minister Mikati finishes his speech, the March 14 members walked out of the parliament before the voting began, while 68 members voted and the government sees light.