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Ashura 2020


Hizbullah Praises Al-Azhar’s Recent Attitudes on Islamic Unity

Hizbullah Praises Al-Azhar’s Recent Attitudes on Islamic Unity
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Local Editor

Commenting on the recent attitudes of His Eminence Sheikh of al-Azhar Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Tayeb, Hizbullah issued the following statement:

Hizbullah strongly praises the last positions of His Eminence Sheikh al-Azhar Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Tayeb and expresses great satisfaction to the highness of its meanings, the elevation of its purposes, the nobility of its content, and the accuracy of its timing while the arrogant black-Western kitchens are operating day and night to cause sedition among Muslims and in their midst.

Hizbullah views that these attitudes reflect the direct vision and the wise methodology that can only be issued from a blessing monotheistic mind, which surely blocks the way on all those who want to differentiate between Muslims, to tear their ranks, and persist in their occupation as well as their humiliation, displacement and insulting their sanctities.

As Hizbullah highly appreciates this good position, it is concerned to assert that this is the only way to face the enemies’ conspiracies. It also takes the opportunity to combine its voice to the voice of Sheikh of al-Azhar to renew the call for more unity, cohesion and stacking in support of the resistance line to elevate the nation’s word, to liberate and protect its sanctities and to restore its glory, throttle and pride.

Hizbullah Media Relations