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Majority’s MPs: 14 March Campaign Rabid, Echo to US

Majority’s MPs: 14 March Campaign Rabid, Echo to US
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By Fatima Shaito, Translated by Mariam Ali

Barely could March "14 team" awake from the shock in its heart caused by the announcement of the new government after losing presence, it started an escalating pale campaign against the new government in an effort to obscure the echoes of the scandals that may result from handling files saturated with corruption that this team has left.

The "Change and Reform Bloc" MP Nabil Nicolas said that the escalation in "March 14" campaign against the government and the new majority enters in the context of the proactive attack to prevent this government from carrying out the process of change and reform and the fight against the corruption that marked the country during the last twenty-five years."

Asserting that "this reform process is a red line that could not be reversed," Nicolas clarified that that "this is not a matter of revenge but it requires the activation of the judiciary to follow-up corruption files of, in addition to the Lebanese people seek to apply the reward- punishment policy."
In an interview with "al- intiqad", Nicolas emphasized that "March 14 escalating campaign will not have any effect on the new government or the majority, for it lacks any value particularly when the citizens touch account that will take place in order to detect and punish those who stole the money regardless of their sect or political affiliation."

Commenting on rumors that a party is to ignite sedition in the country starting from Tripoli , Nicolas added that "any party that seeks to touch stability and security, will be revealed regardless of its identity which then makes the Lebanese in front of two options, either stability and civil peace or collision and sectarian fight. I stress that the Lebanese are not now in the process of accepting any security shake in the country."

"We can't reduce the size of U.S. support for this team, but as we had confronted "Israel", i.e. US in the East, it will not be difficult to face this U.S. support." MP told the website.
In a commentary on what "March 14" sources said that the former PM Saad Hariri convinced the Americans that his presence at the head of government would prevent Hizbullah from control, and that the PM Mikati is just a Hizbullah's follower who is to implement the party's orders , Nicolas emphasized: "I do not know how President Mikati implements the orders of Hizbullah and the two were in different positions during the 2005 and 2009 parliamentary elections," asking " how does the Hariri consider a person who ran the election on his side a good person, and then consider him bad after leaving power."

In response to information that Hariri is working to isolate Lebanon economically, and that his team is working to tighten restrictions on Lebanese banks in order to weaken the government Nicolas wondered, "Who are the owners of banks in Lebanon, is not most of them belonging to March 14? This is part of the frightening policy adopted by this team."

On his turn, the member of the "Development and Liberation Bloc" MP Qassem Hashem said that "March 14" had accustomed the Lebanese to do anything that might tarnish the Lebanese reality, and thus will not refrain from committing any error of any size under the slogans of democracy and what is allowed in the political practices, especially that during its term, this team followed the policy of gambling and playing on the political and economic fate of the country."

"It was clear that "March 14" escalating steps may exceed the political discourse and parliamentary confrontation to the street, and what happened in January 25 "hooliganism" and in Tripoli recently form two witnesses that this team hides always behind democracy, knowing that it is only controlled by the lust for power and governance." Hashem clarified to "al- intiqad".

Hashem stressed that the "rabid campaign led by "March14" will form a catalyst for the new government's productivity and to prove the failure of this team during its ruling period through finding solutions to various problems left by it," acknowledging that "March 14 was since the year 2005, only an echo to its US master draft in the region and an easy tool to it, and it could not, despite all U.S. and Western support, prove its success in the implementation of this project which failed and suffered setbacks as a result of bets built by the U.S."

Pointing out that these "bets have not changed and that they are based on the negative variables in the region," Hashem said that "they will remain dreams that will not actually be translated on the ground at all."

In the same context, Hashem stressed that "the U.S. administration wants only Saad Hariri in power because it seems that Americans reassured him and his team more than others," indicating that " "March 14" team will carry several multi-faceted attempts to crack down on the new government, particularly that its interests intersect with the interests of many regional and international actors."
"These pressures will reflect negatively on all the Lebanese in ways that may harm the image of Lebanon, and then let this team handle any negative development at this level." Hashem concluded