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Clinton: Ships Heading To Gaza Defy “Israeli” Siege

Clinton: Ships Heading To Gaza Defy “Israeli” Siege
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Local Editor

United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, stated Thursday that solidarity ships heading to Gaza come in defiance of the "Israeli" Blockade on the coastal region, and are considered "unnecessary effort" that is likely to draw a reaction.
Clinton said that "Israel" approved this week the entry of construction materials to ensure the construction of houses in the coastal region.

She added that the U.S. Administration does not believe that flotillas are helpful, and claimed that such ships "entering "Israeli" water" are an act of provocation that draws a response from the "Israelis" who will have to defend themselves. She failed to mention that solidarity ship heading to Gaza do not enter ""Israeli" territorial waters" as they sail to Gaza shores without having to enter any ""Israeli" waters".

The Secretary of State avoided a direct reference to the "Israeli" attack against the Turkish Mavi Marmara Ship on May 31 2010, and the killing of nine Turkish activists, including a Turkish activist who carried U.S. citizenship.

The Freedom Flotilla 2 - Stay Human will be sailing to the besieged Gaza Strip in the coming few days to deliver urgently needed medical and humanitarian supplies.