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Ashkenazi: Hizbullah the Greatest Challenge, We Must be Prepared for Iran

Ashkenazi: Hizbullah the Greatest Challenge, We Must be Prepared for Iran
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Local Editor

"Israel" Former Army Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi said on Wednesday that the greatest challenge the Zionist army faces is Lebanon's Hizbullah.

"Despite the criticism against the Second Lebanon War, deterrence has increased in its wake.... Still, if Hizbullah wanted to, they could fire a massive amount of rockets at nearly any point on "Israel's" map," Ashkenazi said during a university conference claiming that "Hizbullah could never take "al- Jaleel" Galilee, any more than Hamas could take the "al- Nakab" ".

On the events of 'Nakba Day' and the possibility of mass marches on occupied Paletine borders, the former "Israeli" Army chief said that " while such a thing will pose a problem, it also should not be exaggerated. In order to confront civilians storming the fences, we have to form a police-like force. It is unwise to have military vis-à-vis civilians."

On Iran, Ashkenazi said he believes ""Israel" must continue to promote the possibility of a military option... "Israel" cannot abide Iran possessing nuclear weapons," he said.

"It is the possibility of a strike on Iran that is motivating the international community to impose economic sanctions on the Islamic Republic. Such action has brought about the suspension of Iran's nuclear program in 2003," he noted.

Ashkenazi claimed that "The Middle East's agenda is being dictated by two non-Arab countries - Iran and Turkey. Without Iran's support, Hamas and Hizbullah would not be what they are today, so the "IDF" must be prepared for the Iranian challenge."

"Naturally, the price of military action will be great, but we have to spare no effort in preventing a nuclear Iran," he concluded.