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The following are the Islamic-Resistance operations that took place during the month of January in 1993...

Islamic Resistance Attacks Zionist Patrol near Alman Site, January 5, 1993 

The group of martyr Majed Jaffal and martyr Sheikh Hussein Qansoh attacked a Zionist patrol near Alman Site; whereas another group attacked an enemy force lurking in ash-Shumarieh. The operations resulted in the fatality of a number of enemy soldiers and agents and the injury of others.

Islamic Resistance Bombs Two Explosives on Al-Jarmak-Al-Mansourah Route, January 12, 1993

On the 12th of January, 1993, the Islamic Resistance commemorated the birth of the Believers' Prince, Imam Ali Bin Abi Taleb (Peace be upon him); whereby the Resistance bombed two explosives as a military Zionist patrol was on al-Jarmak-al-Mansourah Route. Each of the eight crewmen was wounded or killed.

MP Qassem Hashem: "Israel" Assails Gaza, Bears Responsibility for Bombardment Southern Lebanon

("al-Wataniyah", January 14, 2009)

MP Qassem Hashem had a tour in the afternoon of January 14 around al-Orkoub region in order to check the villagers and the villages of al-Hebbarieh, Kfarchouba, Shebaa, and Kfarhamam, which have been bombarded by the "Israelis". 

Hashem stated, "The enemy, "Israel", bears responsibility for launching the missiles as it continues to assail Gaza and to commit merciless crimes against humanity. Definitely the setbacks affect the Arab regions as well as the international ones."
Hashem added, "It is essential that we determine the side responsible for this since the "Israeli" enemy bears the prime responsibility for this; the missiles have been shot in consequence with the assault against Palestine, particularly Gaza. The Resistance can be - by no means - responsible for such an act; that is, the Resistance's dare, wisdom, and expertise enable it to announce any step or act it performs."

Hashem also said: "The Israeli criminality might provoke reactions on any level; yet, the Zionist-Mossad agents might be responsible for this so that they distract attention from the terrible, grave crimes in Gaza witnessed by the world. No Lebanese side has declared its responsibility for launching the missiles; nor will any. As the "Israeli" occupation continues to assail Gaza, it primarily bears responsibility."

Islamic Resistance Attacks Zionist-Lahd Patrol on Aramta-ar-Rihan Route, January 30, 1993

This January did not end peacefully, whereby the "Israeli" enemy severely cannonaded many villages in the region of Iqlim-at-Toffah, and the "Israeli" surveillance planes flew in the sky of Beqaa-Baalbeck. Meanwhile, the "Israeli" backup forces spread in the outskirts of the liberated areas in West Beqaa. Nevertheless, in the occasion of the birth of Imam al-Hussein Bin Ali (Peace be upon him) and Imam Zein al-Abideen (Pbuh), an Islamic-Resistance group of fighters attacked Bir Kallab Site and clashed with the enemy forces in the outskirts of Iqlim at-Toffah.

In the meantime, another group attacked a Zionist-Lahd patrol on Aramta-ar-Rihan Route; thus, four members were killed, and the others were wounded during this operation, which was acknowledged by the Lahd-Militia sources. Still, the Islamic Resistance has issued a statement declaring that the group of martyr Majed Jaffal and martyr Abdullah Wehbi carried out an attack against Sojod Site, immediately razing with artillery its mounds and fortifications and killing a number of soldiers and wounding others. An hour after the attack, an anti-force reached the operation zone; hence, martyr Hussein Qansoh's group counterattacked it, destroying a half-track and killing six soldiers and wounding two.

In order to retaliate for defeat, a Zionist-Lahd force attempted to progress to Zibqeen from Sheheen. The Islamic-Resistance fighters encountered the sixty-member anti-force, which suffered grave casualties and made a compulsory retreat. Barely had the enemy taken a breath when the Islamic-Resistance fighters carried out more painful and concentrated attacks, whereby they attacked Sojod Site with firearms and artillery, immediately targeting it, killing three members, and destroying a tank.

Makhzoumi: Refer to Taif Agreement to Settle Strategic-Defense Standard

("al-Wataniyah", November 5, 2008) 

Head of the National Dialogue Party, engineer Fouad Makhzoumi, emphasized in a statement that reference to "the Taif Agreement" (also called "the National Reconciliation Accord"; 1989) concerning the strategic-defense standard is required since this agreement determined Lebanon's identity and strategic welfare, in addition to the dangers threatening Lebanon. Makhzoumi said, "It is essential that we be realistic in order to establish a Lebanese defensive policy which considers the creative, pioneering expertise of cooperation of the Resistance and the Lebanese Army as to devastating the "Israeli" assaults and greed." 

Makhzoumi also pointed out that the successful cooperation of the Lebanese Army with the Resistance concerning the recent dissociation of the "Israeli" espionage web iterates that this institution does constitute the guarantee that secures Lebanon against any security disruptions, particularly the ones caused by the "Israeli" enemy; the Resistance and the Lebanese Army need to be fully aware in order to confront the enemy.