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Lahoud: International Law Breached to Serve US, ’’Israeli’’ Interests

Lahoud: International Law Breached to Serve US, ’’Israeli’’ Interests
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Local Editor

Former Lebanese President Emile Lahoud demanded officials, and those wagering on the UN Security Council and its efficiency as the world's leader, should take into consideration what happened recently, regarding the latest US veto against a UNSC conviction of Zionist settlement activities.

In this context, Lahoud stated that although 14 member states approved on the convicting resolution, the US refused it and once again stood in the face of any pro-Palestinian UNSC resolution.

President Lahoud said that the international law was breached in the name of the US interests in the Middle East, adding that this serves the interests of the "Israeli" enemy, which on its part practices a policy based on aggression, occupying and woe.

Former Lebanese President affirmed that the "Israeli" enemy aims at evicting every single Palestinian trace, including the holy eastern city of Al Quds (Jerusalem).

Lahoud pointed out, it is enough to read the statement issued by "Israeli" PM Benjamin Netanyahu's office, in which he thanked the US president for his veto used against the UNSC resolution, and read that "the road to peace does not pass through UN resolutions".

On this level, Emile Lahoud confirmed that the "Israeli" enemy does not care about the UN resolutions, while others, with reference to Lebanon, pursue these resolutions in attempt to implement them, sometimes leading to exploiting them against their own resisting people.

On the governmental level, Lahoud confirmed that the government formation phase should now reach an end, hoping that the government elements would be of homogenous and efficient capacities capable of attaining stability in Lebanon.