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Clark from Gaza: “Israeli” Siege on Strip Should End

Clark from Gaza: “Israeli” Siege on Strip Should End
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Local Editor

Former US Attorney General William Ramsey Clark said Wednesday that what he witnessed in Gaza was "far beyond expectations."

Clark said the trip had been tough and the journey exhausting. He waited for several hours at Cairo airport before he crossed to the besieged coastal enclave by land at Rafah, he said.

In a joint press conference with the Gaza government's Prime Minister Ismail Haniyah, Clark called for an end to the violations of Palestinians' rights and said support should be given for the establishment of a Palestinian state.

The former US official urged Arab leaders to initiate an end to "Israel's" siege of Gaza by making transit through the Rafah crossing on the Gaza-Egypt border as easy as possible.

"This country must be open to the world. The international community in general and the Arab world in particular must take the first step."

Asked about his motivation to visit Gaza, he said he came to show solidarity and to see first-hand the destruction wrought on the Strip by "Israel's" December 2008 offensive.

The Gaza prime minister reiterated Clark's call for an end to the siege, and said Palestinians would remain steadfast.

Clark arrived to the Gaza Strip on Tuesday through the Rafah crossing after waiting for several hours before the Egyptian authorities allowed him in.