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WikiLeaks 2009 Cables: “Israel” Getting Ready for War in Region, Gathering Targets for Possible Aggression on Lebanon

WikiLeaks 2009 Cables: “Israel” Getting Ready for War in Region, Gathering Targets for Possible Aggression on Lebanon
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The Whistleblower website Wikileaks uncovered more US cables dating back to the year 2009, revealing that "Israel" was preparing for war in the region in which it will not accept any restrictions on its military work, as well as gathering information for its Lebanese targets bank through reconnaissance planes.

The document, dated November 15, 2009, was quoted Sunday in Norwegian by Oslo-based daily Aftenposten, which said it had obtained WikiLeaks' entire cache of 251,187 leaked US embassy cables.

"Israel" War Forces Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi reportedly said in 2009 that "Israel" would have only between 10 and 12 minutes of warning in the event of an Iranian missile attack, the leaked U.S. cables said. 

According to the cable authored by the American embassy in Tel Aviv, Lieutenant General Ashkenazi told the American delegation led by Missourian Congressman Ike Skelton that Iran possesses some 300 Shihab rockets that are capable of reaching "Israel" within minutes, leaving "Israel" with very little time to mount an effective defense.

The cable states that Ashkenazi was more worried about the military capabilities of fighting forces closer to home, specifically Hamas, and Hizbullah.

Furthermore, Ashkenazi said he believes any coming war in the Middle East region would be in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, adding "I am preparing the "Israeli" army for a large scale war, since it is easier to scale down to a smaller operation than to do the opposite."
"The rocket threat against "Israel" is more serious than ever. That is why "Israel" is putting such emphasis on rocket defense," Ashkenazi also said, pointing out that ""Israel" has been sending reconnaissance and spy drones to fly over Lebanon and detect possible targets, describing these espionage operations as "successful so far". 

In this context, Zionist Chief of Staff underscored the "excellent cooperation with the American National Security Agency (NSA), which monitors communications of other countries," stressing that "Israel" will not accept any restriction on warfare in populated areas during any coming war.
He assured that "Israel" committed mistakes during its war on the Gaza Strip, but claimed the "Israeli" forces did not intentionally target civilians.

On a related note, the cable mentioned the two sides, "Israel" and NSA, discussed a deal on one hundred GBU bombs, used to destruct fortifications. The two agreed that the US would secretly provide "Israel" with the deal stressing secrecy to avoid accusations of US support to "Israel" in targeting Iran.