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Dutch Film Director: Ariel Sharon Killed Two Palestinian Children in 1982

Dutch Film Director: Ariel Sharon Killed Two Palestinian Children in 1982
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George Sluizer declared that in 1982 he saw then "Israeli" war minister Ariel Sharon shooting Palestinian children from near the Sabra-Shatilla refugee camp, Beirut, while he was filming a documentary. "Israel" officials called report a "modern blood libel".

The accusation was first made in Volkskrant, a Dutch newspaper, during an interview to George Sluizer, who was promoting the screening of his most recent film about "Israel" in the International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam.

According to Sluizer, who has made several documentaries about the "Israeli"-Palestinian conflict, he saw Sharon killing two Palestinian children with a pistol in 1982, near the refugee camp Sabra-Shatilla in Lebanon. Sharon was an "Israeli" minister of defense at that time.

"Sharon shot two children like you shoot rabbits, in front of my eyes," he added.

Sluizer gave more details and reported hat the children were two or three years old and that Sharon shot them from a distance of 10 meters with a pistol. However, he could not specify in which month the event occurred, but he thought it was in November.

In an interview for Haaretz, Sluizer defended his statement and said that after seeing the shooting, he had complained against Sharon in the International Court of Justice in Hague and the European Court of Human Right in Strasbourg, in 1983.

However, "Israeli" officials pointed out that no evidences that support that complaint have been found and added that they have warned the Dutch magazine to be careful when publishing anything that is not corroborated.


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Since 50 years ago, the world ha e watching the masacresof the Palestinian poeple. When the Israelis kill women and children and destroy houses and steal land in Palestine, this while the world covers its eyes as if nothing is happening. The world should open its eyes and eethe true state of Palestine The world should see the el Israeli crimes