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One Million Tree Campaign: Culture of Nature

One Million Tree Campaign: Culture of Nature
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Local Editor

It is the precious land of our beloved country that holds transplants that grow along with the coming generations. The final scene would be more generations planting more greenery and embellishing their homeland, reinforcing its nature and the health of its people.

It is the "Good Tree" Project along with other efforts that have saved Lebanon from an environmental tragedy.

Jihad Al Binaa Development Association (JBDA) released this project in 1992, where it has been planting trees in the different Lebanese regions since then.

The "Good Tree" started off as a small project, and gradually grew to hold within its folds an average of one million trees per year.

In two days, the 2010 project comes to an end, as Saturday will be the closing ceremony of this year's campaign. In this occasion, conducted an interview with the General Manager of JBDA, Architect Mohammad Hajj.

One Million Tree Campaign: Culture of Nature

"Throughout 18 years, we have planted around 7 million 300 thousand trees. The average increases yearly," Architect Mohammad Hajj said.

He pointed out that during the past few years, the Association has been successfully planting one million trees every year, and the "One million tree campaign" in 2010 sponsored by Agriculture minister Hussein Hajj Hassan, comes to emphasize this frame of work.

One Million Tree Campaign: Culture of Nature

Hajj clarified that the campaign's target was successfully achieved after coordinating with community groups, municipalities, organizations, farmers, associations, and scout groups.

"In the year 2010 we have cooperated with around 4700 groups," he specified.

JBDA's General Manager indicated that the campaign worked on planting trees all around Lebanon, in the South, Bekaa, Mountain, Beirut, and the North.

Pointing out that this campaign will be released yearly, he said, "We do not claim that the campaign covers all Lebanon, but we assure that each year a certain region takes the priority."

"This campaign is only part of our other activities that have different aims all pouring into the service of people. As for the campaign, its major aim is to enhance the environment and fight desertification, which has become a phenomenon in Lebanon due to the fires, cutting trees and other reasons," Hajj said reassuring "Therefore, this campaign pours into recovering Lebanon's green cover."

One Million Tree Campaign: Culture of Nature

As for the Beirut Southern Suburb that was brutally attacked by the Zionist enemy in 2006, Hajj assured that there have been efforts to make it green along with the process of reconstruction.

When it comes to the Southern Suburb, along with the campaign are other efforts of making it green, as he assured that Jihad Al Binaa is not wholly responsible to fulfill this task. The association cooperates with the municipalities that are concerned with founding green fields and studying various possibilities for achieving that.

One Million Tree Campaign: Culture of Nature

However, he added, "The municipalities own few lands in the suburbs, and these are rather used for public services like building schools and organizations. Therefore, they work on planting small fields instead, and plant greenery on the sides of the highways, roads, and sidewalks."

One Million Tree Campaign: Culture of Nature

"Due to that, one of the ideas the municipalities considers is to plant green fields on the buildings' roofs as well." Hajj stated.

Back to the campaign, these trees surely did not come from nowhere, Engineer Hajj emphasized Syria's major role as these trees were a gift from the Syrian President Bashar Al Assad in first place and from Syrian Ministry of Agriculture and the people in second.

One Million Tree Campaign: Culture of Nature

Engineer Haj pointed out that the aim behind this project is not solely the environmental issue; it is also a matter of educating the people about the importance of the land, of reconstruction, and recovering greenery and of resistance.

One Million Tree Campaign: Culture of Nature

He added, "The Holy Quran focused on the importance of reconstruction and agricultural works."

Most important of all is the resistance aspect, Haj said these trees were the shelter for thousands of resistance fighters; these trees were quenched with the chaste blood of thousands of martyrs who stood up in defense of the land.

These trees also feed the hungry at times; shelter the homeless at other times, and with every tree planted on the proud land of our country, another lung inhales cleaner oxygen and gathers more power to resist and do right.

JBDA's attempt is a step towards restoring the Green Lebanon, which with such efforts, will be "evergreen".

One Million Tree Campaign: Culture of Nature

As for Saturday, Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah chose to personally conclude this campaign in an enthusiastic way that would be more like an encouraging new beginning.