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400 Gazan Tunnels Demolished in 2010

400 Gazan Tunnels Demolished in 2010
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Local Editor

Part of the "Israeli"-Egyptian blockade forced on the Gaza Strip, Egypt has destroyed hundreds of Gazan tunnels across its borders with Gaza.

Almost 400 tunnels were demolished since the beginning of 2010, according to the Egyptian authorities, where they accused Palestinians of smuggling food and weapons. Ma'an news agency reported.

As the third year of the "Israeli" siege on Gaza approaches, people were forced to find ways in order to get in food and basic life needs, through a network of underground tunnels across the Egyptian borders.

Egypt decided to build a steel wall barrier between Gaza and Rafah, for it has been seeking to stop what they call Gazan "smugglings", through filling the tunnels with water, gas, or conduct regular raids and bombs.

The assaults are continuous, where nine tunnels were attacked earlier this month by Egyptian forces, capturing a Palestinian citizen, along with amount of goods ought to be sent to the besieged territories.

Egypt clearly reflects its pro-"Israeli" stance when it refuses to open the Rafah border crossing with Gaza, which is the only crossing not controlled by the "Israeli" enemy.

With the cause to break the siege on Gaza, the Turkish-led Freedom Flotilla aid convoy to Gaza witnessed a brutal "Israeli" attack on May 31, killing 9 activists and injuring almost 60.

The cruel assault lit international condemnation against the Gaza siege, especially that almost 1.5 million innocent Palestinian civilians, are being punished living without any suitable life basics.

After the Freedom Flotilla attack, and the arise of international protest, Egyptian authorities allowed the opening of the Rafah crossing, only for severely sick people, or students, with authorized pass by the Egyptian security agency.

"Israel" recently confessed in June, that Cairo encouraged the forced blockade on Gaza, for political reasons, aiming at turning over the people of Gaza against the Hamas government in their territory. Yet fearing another scandal, the Arabic country strongly rejected such "claims".