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MP Fayyad: Americans Wasted Their Millions to Disfigure Hizbullahs Image But to No Avail

MP Fayyad: Americans Wasted Their Millions to Disfigure Hizbullahs Image But to No Avail
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Local Editor

Loyalty to the Resistance bloc MP Ali Fayyad assured that Americans wasted their millions to disfigure Hizbullah and the resistance's image in this small country, but their efforts proved to be failing. On the contrary, in the past two years there was positive support to the resistance choice.

He indicated that the American administration called Economic specialists in this country to provide it with clarifications on the reasons behind economic development as it could not comprehend its reasons during the past few years.

In a speech he delivered, Fayyad considered that those who target the resistance are offending the great Lebanese majority, who the resistance represents their belonging, identity, and concern about their nation.

Fayyad called for dealing with the resistance based on particularity because it does not present a temporal political case.

He added, "We wouldn't be pleased if the country faces internal divisions, and we do not favor arguing with others we disagree with on certain matters. However, the resistance should be represented not only as a necessity for this country and liberation, but as a major component among the social and political components, as it reveals the social and political development the country witnessed in the past two decades."

He assured that no one can go back in time and change history, even if some try to do so.
"Challenges and threats do not stop at one point," Fayyad said.

"As long as the resistance is standing in the face of projects aiming at controlling Lebanon; as long as it forms a major regional factor in empowering the Arab side and weakening the "Israeli" one; and prevents the enemy from moving forward in its violence and greediness on our resources on several levels, it will always be targeted," he added.