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Sayyed Nasrallah Promises Zionists a Sea Embargo in Next War on Tenth Resistance and Liberation Anniversary

Sayyed Nasrallah Promises Zionists a Sea Embargo in Next War on Tenth Resistance and Liberation Anniversary
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Sayyed Nasrallah Promises Zionists a Sea Embargo in Next War on Tenth Resistance and Liberation Anniversary



Local Editor

Address by the Secretary General of Hizbullah Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on the tenth anniversary of the Resistance and Liberation Day, Tuesday 25/05/2010, in Sayyed Al-Shouhada complex in the southern Dahiyeh suburbs.

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Thanks and Praise be to God, Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds, peace and prayers be to the seal of prophets, Prophet Mohammad, his infallible household, his chosen companions and all the prophets,

Brothers and Sisters, Ladies and Gentlemen, Assalam A'laikom (Peace be upon you).

To begin with we gaze upon the blessed souls of the martyrs of the resistance, liberation and victory in Lebanon, and all the martyrs who gave their blessed blood to mould this victory, this splendor, honor and pride, to all their souls, especially master of the resistance martyrs Sayyed Abbas Sayyed Moussawi, the Sheikh of its martyrs Sheikh Ragheb Harb, and the martyr commander Hajj Radwan- Hajj Imad Moghniyeh; in honor of all their souls let us read al-Fatiha (Opener) Holy Quran 1-

At the outset, I congratulate all of you and all the Lebanese, Arabs, Muslims and liberals of the world, on this great anniversary, the tenth anniversary of the victory of the resistance and the homeland, the army and the people, the triumph of will and blood over the sword, right against wrong, for the triumph of determination and power of faith against all calls for discouragement and deflating determination...blessings to you on this Grand National Day.

Before entering into the content of today's speech, I find it my duty to thank our people in the south in all districts of the south, especially at the border frontline area, who were there to participate in the municipal elections on Sunday, unafraid of anyone.

They showed up in large numbers, particularly in villages and towns adjacent to occupied Palestine, despite the maneuvers inside the "Israeli" entity and all attempts and rumors of intimidation emanating from here and there.

The men, women and children marched on Sunday the 23rd of May, before this 25th of May, to hold festivities and celebrations of enjoying democracy, freedom of expression, unity of voice, and victory, liberation and resistance.

On this occasion, I thank all the Lebanese who achieved the first phase of municipal elections in Mount Lebanon, and the second phase in the Bekaa and Beirut. A special thanks to all those who renewed their confidence in our alliance (Amal-Hizbullah) by voting our municipal lists; I ask God Almighty for the best completion of the last phase of the municipal elections to be held in the northern province, so that we can all return to our coming internal and regional obligations.

On this occasion I wish to talk about the liberation in 2000, a word about the current situation in the context of the conflict with the "Israeli" enemy, the Arab-"Israeli" conflict, our struggle with the enemy and a word about the future.

I will conclude with the position we are committed to and the new equation we want to add today as well as the confrontation equations with the enemy.

We all know that the "Israeli" invasion of Lebanon in 1982 was a part of the American-"Israeli" project in this region. Lebanon, Palestine and Syria were key parts to be targeted in this project, while major and serious developments were being prepared to take place in Iran.

Come year 2000, this American- "Israeli" project collapsed, but of course they had alternatives, if one project failed, they will bring in another and another, and so forth until they eventually fall themselves, God willing, and with them the dreams of all their projects.

This project fell in year 2000, some of its elements and components were recently disclosed by some "Israeli" officials, who acknowledged that in 1982, they had made plans to begin construction of Zionist settlements in southern Lebanon. You know the Land in South Lebanon is wide stretched and beautiful, with plenty of water resources, thank God.

They decided to start building Zionist settlements in southern Lebanon, a plan they deferred until after one year of occupation, in order to assess how the situation in southern Lebanon will go, and whether or not the situation in Lebanon will stabilize, and their political project will be implemented with the assistance of some - unfortunately- domestic Lebanese sides. But the project of setting up Zionist settlements in the south, western Bekaa and Rashaya was brought to a halt within months by the martyrs' blood, especially the self-sacrifice martyrs.

We all recall the first year of the "Israeli" occupation of Lebanon, a year rich with operations, resistance and jihad in more than one area, by more than one party, movement, group and affiliation.

That is why after the end of the first year, the Zionists reached a position that says: ‘the situation cannot become stable here in Lebanon for us ("Israelis"), and thus we do not know where we are heading.' So they deleted the settlements building project in south Lebanon.

This was only recently circulated openly within the Zionist entity.

Year 2000 was harvest time, but between 1982 and 2000, it was a time of the will, the work and patience, the sacrifice and struggle, blood and martyrs, the wounded and the prisoners of war, displacement, steadfastness, bombed houses, burned fields and school children killed in Nabatiyeh, Sidon and other areas, others beheaded by the enemy...
All this was encountered with patience, even though we were talking about the victory to come from the beginning.

In Lebanon and the Arab world some were making fun of us with statements like ‘These senile elderly... they are dreaming."

When master of the Islamic Resistance martyrs stood in 1990 and 1991, to say from the very beginning, that: "This ‘Israel' has fallen, and will exit Lebanon in humiliation sooner or later."

These words and stands were met with sarcasm and criticism.

Of course, I refer to this sarcasm in order to reach the current situation in this speech and what is to come in the future.

Year 2000 came and with it the historic blaring great victory arrived. I ask all of you, all the Lebanese, all Arabs and the entire world: did anyone expect "Israel" to withdraw in year 2000?

Who expected to see the enemy in such a scenario, leaving disgraced and dishonored, in extreme confusion, so much so that some senior enemy leaders said: "We exited tripping over our tails between our legs."

Who expected or imagined this scenario would happen? This was considered by many as mere dreams, illusions and far fetched aspiration. Yet they occurred, before our very eyes, before world cameras and satellite stations, these events were witnessed by the entire world and were not just mere dreams.

As a reminder, and to establish further points on in this speech, I will very briefly say that several key factors led to this victory, including:

First: the people's will, steadfastness, endurance and embrace of the resistance, especially our people in the south, and the front line residents in particular, as well as our people in the Bekaa, who endured for the duration of the resistance till year 2000 "Israeli" air strikes on the camps and cities, villages and towns.

As for Beirut and the Dahiyeh, our share of sacrifices was modest before year 2000, but was made up for in 2006.

By the people, I mean a large part of the people in Lebanon at worst case scenario, and a popular majority at best. Certainly, I am not talking about a Lebanese national public consensus, since at no time did this consensus ever exist round this resistance that won, or round this option.

Second: political and security stability in the country especially in the nineties: the working chart of the resistance was escalating. The main reason for that was the political and security stability found in the country. The latter was established through the deployment of the army in all the regions. Internally, calmness was the main character, and focus on the enemy. This stability was and still is the main pillar of the Lebanese army and its field existence.

Third: cooperation and coordination between the resistance and the army and division of role resulting in the non intervention of the resistance in the internal affairs especially with security.

The army had hold of the situation when facing any assaults. It was the main man on the streets, and on the beaches. The resistance had a covert existence, and at times it was semi-public working according to its own means on the front lines, and the invaded territory.

Fourth: resistance of the political authority in Lebanon at that time against various pressures and American attempts of intimidation. Barrack once promised to withdraw his forces in July 2000. He begged Syria, Lebanon, and all his friends some benefits to cover up his withdrawal from Lebanon.

The political authority in Lebanon at that time including the president and the Lebanese government in addition to the parliament refused to give the "Israeli" enemy any bonuses leading the latter to withdraw empty-handed. This was a crucial factor.

Fifth: the Syrian and the Iranian Islamic republic support
This multiple and diversified support is highly cherished and well-thought of. Leading to the main factor, all the other factors are considered helping aids working supportive and facilitative. If these factors existed in the absence of the fighting, honorable and enemy-draining resistance, all would have been lost. We could have sustained a state of resistance, but couldn't have liberated our land as in may 2006. The basic element was -beyond any doubt- this resistance. Its acts of heroism including its operation, martyrs, wounded and imprisoned fighters, in addition to all those convinced and walking on the path of its ideology and the ultimate goal of getting even with the enemy anywhere, anytime. All this brought spiritual and moral defeat to the "Israeli" military, the spies, their leaderships, and the populace as whole. This is only the starter. Things became more humiliating with the decision of withdrawing from Lebanon year 2000 without demanding anything. The time, the scenario, and the conditions of the defeat and great escape were imposed by Hizbullah.

This is the equation that enabled the victory. Today, ten years later, we are back to confirm the equation that made it all happen: the equation of the people, the military, and the resistance.

As stated in the ministerial declaration and as truly mentioned yesterday by his excellence the Lebanese president first expresses the official Lebanese stance mentioned in the ministerial declaration, rather than an opposing stand here or abstention there.

Everyone has his own mind and his own way of thinking. Yet, today the official Lebanese stance is one that believes in the equation of the people, the army, and the resistance. The head of state is also for this official stance and talks about it based on experience and belief, which is the opinion of the majority of the Lebanese people. This opinion is definitely not the view of all the Lebanese population because there is no agreement on one stance. The entire Lebanese people aren't for this equation or totally against it.

Some always try to show that the entire populace is against the idea. The truth is that there is no one point of view relative to the entire Lebanese population.

The majority has always been with this formula giving more power and throttle to the resistance.

I will not comment on the protests that came from here and there because the occasion is far more important and glorious than commentary.

The victory of year 2000 has made way for a new era of conflict, new formulas, and a new curriculum. Everybody knew that on May 26, 2000 a new day and a new area came to exist. This was very obvious to the Jews, but they were left with no choice. This was always apparent to some Arab leaders who -as stated by some Jews and not a while ago- engaged with the enemy prior to May 2000 begging them not to withdraw from Lebanon without any conditions. Is this surprising news? No it is not because we know that this was also the case in June 2006 where some Arab entities contacted the Jews and told them not to stop the war on Lebanon before they wipe out Hizbullah.

They did that too, and the "Israelis" swear on their mothers' graves. What are we to do? Do we believe them, or do we take them for liars?

This is of course logical. What do the "Israelis" say? They say that the Arabs told them that their withdrawal from Lebanon without any conditions will complicate the settlement operations making negotiations more difficult embarrassing the governments involved in the bargaining process. Then the populace will demand offering no relinquishments to the Lebanese model. There is some logic to postponing the withdrawal, or at least withdrawing with some proper conditions.

On the second subject: I am talking about the current situation since 2000 till the present year 2010. Major events have taken place in the world, in the region, and in Lebanon and Palestine which are known to everybody and need not be repeated. A lot has changed in the current situation. Big plans have failed, and many more are on the brink of breakdown and fumbling.

The path of settlement in our region especially regarding the Palestinian subject is in big trouble. Lebanon and Syria are at the middle of the circle of attention internationally and regionally. The question on everybody's mind in Lebanon and the region is related to the possibilities of occurrence of war.

In the meantime, no one -dear brothers and sisters- can deny that "Israel" is living an escalating stage of fear and confusion. I don't want to exaggerate and say panic and unawareness. But there is a certain degree of anxiousness and fear expressed by leaders, the "Israeli" press, and the "Israeli" populace. There are confessions of the existence of true, huge, and serious challenges.

That is why they are always moving from one training to another and one maneuver to the other. This of course has a financial, economical, and psychological effect. Staying in maneuver state from 2006 till now affects the economy, the investment sector, the moral and psychological atmosphere, in addition to its tolls on immigration, migration, and the trust in one's country and its abilities to achieve security.

The enemy found itself forced to benefit from the July 2006 experience that it carries out a great number of maneuvers on civilian, military, and security levels, to clog up all the huge holes that presented themselves through the July war. They call the latest maneuver being held now ‘Transformation-Four.' We meet here while they are busy in four transformations. They were as following Transformation 1, transformation 2, transformation 3, and transformation 4 after July 2006. Their subject if the internal front that is inside the "Israeli" entity: villages and cities. The "Israeli" has done four maneuvers, yet the Lebanese is still waiting on hold.

The "Israelis" have done the maneuvers to show the people what to do in case of internal bombardment and attack. Questions are added daily to the different scenarios that may take place.

The last of them, raised some new questions that need new answers: at times you bombard randomly, others your shelling has specific targets. At times, it is only the civilians and big cities that are targeted, but at others, leadership posts, governmental organizations, aerial basis, airports, and sea ports are targeted, and this imposes new maneuvers, plans, and procedures needed by the enemy.

Fine, then why does "Israel", and for the first time in its history of evil presence on the land of occupied Palestine, conduct this type of maneuvers over the length of its entity on the first and second and third and fourth year? And today the chief of the internal "Israeli" front says, "We are forced to conduct this type of maneuvers and live with it until further notice." Why so? To get back at the results of the July war...

The "Israeli" has always attacked while his home front was safe, and you may recall in the 1982 invasion [that] our people were displaced, our villages destroyed, our houses demolished, the capital Beirut bombed and barricaded, and the "Israeli" army was occupying Lebanon and from the Lebanon-Palestine border to the southernmost point in occupied Palestine... the Zionists were living a normal, calm, peaceful, safe life there.

The 1982 scene is long gone, never to return. After 2006, this is was over; they have a home front and we have a home front. There's a new stage, their point of weakness. A few days ago their strategic structures minister, a former chief of staff who considers himself an important theorizer on a strategic level, says ‘yes, we do have a strong military power, but we have (what he calls) a pampered population that isn't ready to sacrifice or sustain. The home front that was protected in most of the previous confrontations and wars is over. Today, the "Israelis", through these maneuvers, want to reassure their home front through these procedures and the training and through telling the Zionists through the military maneuvers ‘we are strong and bold and ready to confront any future war. Of course, in t-he most part, they are lying to them [their people]. Today, in the polls, there are comments on the benefit of this level and volume of maneuvers and their seriousness...that today you can do as many maneuvers as you like, but when the missiles start falling in a place in occupied Palestine, then we'll see what the result of the maneuvers is.

They want to reassure that home front and deceive it at times by talking about the missile dome, the iron dome, that they can take down missiles in midair.... All this is talk they haven't been able to prove to their nation and people.

As is now known, the uproar over the scuds, which I neither deny nor confirm, is for what? For getting 200 or 250 million dollars from the American congress to aid "Israel", from America that is facing a choking monetary and economical crisis and a terrifying deficit and its chief for the budget says, ‘Don't be surprised if on one day America is hit just like Greece", yet America finds the money to give to "Israel".

The point I want to reach is that there is no doubt today, and I don't want to exaggerate anything, all I want to say is that the "Israelis" are seriously worried. They are saying that all the maneuvers are lies. No. No. There is genuine fear in "Israel". They are scared of confronting a war, and are terrified of the results of that war, and therefore, if you noticed as I did, all the "Israeli" statements even in the last two days, from Netanyahu to Barack and others, all say ‘we want calm in the north', ‘we don't want a war in the north', ‘we don't want to do anything in the north.

Of course, unfortunately, the talk about war is greater by some in Lebanon than in "Israel". The "Israeli" officials, to the contrary, say ‘we don't want to do a war with Lebanon' and ‘we don't want to attack you' and ‘we want calm with Lebanon'.

There are people that say, on a daily basis, ‘a war is coming', ‘a war is coming', and ‘a war is coming'... of course, to frighten people in Lebanon.

But inside the entity, the "Israeli" enemy was forced to send, parallel to the maneuvers, letters of calm which are not meant to reassure the Lebanese or the Lebanese government or the southerners, but to reassure the "Israeli" people inside the entity. Several days ago there were statements and declarations and meetings for the mayors of the Zionist colonies in northern occupied Palestine and also in central areas they have begun to demand stances of calm and reassurance and ‘tell us if there's a war or no war'.

Therefore, the interior is in a state of concern and fear and confusion, and all the "Israeli" statements are not for the love of Lebanon and not for the eyes of the Lebanese, but are there to reassure their nation and people when they say they aren't considering initiating a new war.
Hence, this "Israeli" concern which we talk about and which is present and real, what is its source? And where does it come from?

In a word, from the presence of the resistance willpower, and resistance credibility...and the resistance's wider and greater willpower: a political willpower, a cultural willpower, a popular willpower, a military willpower, a security and operational willpower... from the presence of a resistance willpower in Lebanon and Palestine and Syria reaching Iran, and they know this willpower I present, and they also know there exist in correspondence those who are preparing and getting ready and bracing for a certain day. And what worry them most in this equation are the missile capabilities which I will talk about later in the words of Mrs. Clinton, the U.S. Secretary of State. Therefore, we find that at the time when the "Israeli" enemy conducts maneuvers and trainings, it sends delegations to Russia and Europe and America and South Africa and Latin America and to every corner of the globe to offer temptations to prevent these countries from selling weapons to the countries with resistance and steadfastness for fear that the weapons would reach the hands of the resistance fighters. This is first, and second, it utilizes all its friendships and relations so that delegations would come to our countries and our region to pressure Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine, ad so that we don't gain power and attain the willpower for strength. And this is what put Lebanon, in truth, inside the circle of attention.

A few days ago there was a vivid lucid word for President Bashar Assad, and I would like there to be lucidity and clarity in the words of officials in general, saying, "The world respects Syria and is interested in Syria." Why? It's good that a person is true to himself and to his people and that he says what he believes in. President Assad says the world respects Syria and is interested in Syria because it supports the resistance. This is true, of course, the resistance in Lebanon and in Palestine, the resistance and steadfastness stance in the region...I want to go on to say that Syria supports the resistance. However, in Lebanon the resistance is existent and present in Lebanon, in the lands of Lebanon and the battlefields of Lebanon, and therefore, yes, it is in the circle of attention in the past and evermore in the present.

This is what I mean by my question a couple of days ago. You know that there are people in Lebanon with bad intentions, regrettably. When I asked the question, it wasn't in objection and I wasn't objecting to all these delegations coming to Lebanon. Lebanon is a hospitable country, a generous country (but they ought not to be too generous from the people's budget), Lebanon is the country where visitors and comers are welcomed. We don't have a problem. To the contrary, we boast and pride ourselves in our country, this geographically small country which has no oil or gas or gold mines or diamond mines... Usually the world is pulled towards a certain geography, but this small country has been able to do so in its people and the climax of humanity of these people which is its rejection of degradation and refusal of oppression and embracing freedom and dignity and sovereignty that is represented by the resistance and the resistance fighters.

I would like to mention that some Arab delegations come to Lebanon to aid, to consolidate, to express a brotherly kinship. However, why do most foreign and some Arab delegations come to Lebanon?

Because in Lebanon there is a resistance...This is open to debate, and I don't impose my beliefs on anyone.

How do we tell why they come? When we know what they say and what subject they are talking about with Lebanese officials. Listen, in Lebanon there are no secrets. Most of the time, what goes on in sessions is reflected in the media. What are they talking about? About the missiles, about the scuds, and the Lebanese-Syrian borders, weapons smuggling, resolution 1701, the situation in the border-area, Hizbullah's intentions, if something goes on in Gaza and how it reflects on the situation in Lebanon, what would happen if "Israel" attacks Syria, what the situation in Lebanon would be if Gaza is hit, what would happen if "Israel" hits Syria, what would happen is "Israel" hits Iranian nuclear sites...

All those who come here come do so to get reassured over "Israel", not Lebanon. They come to protect "Israel", not to protect Lebanon. That's why the Foreign Minister of France used to come and make a issue in Lebanon and would remain tense, but thank God in the last time his nerves were calm because he was reassured that no scuds entered Lebanon. Yes, this is the truth of the matter.

In any case, as long as it's not known whether or not scuds entered Lebanon, and that another issue, but Kouchner was reassured. I say that to confirm on the tenth anniversary of resistance and liberation day that Lebanon's central power is here, in this equation, the equation of the people- the army - and the resistance which we must preserve and must preserve its substance and must mend it and strengthen it to confront future challenges. And allow me to say that anyone who remises on this equation, the people-army-resistance equation, knowingly wants to make Lebanon susceptible to the "Israeli" enemy.

Based on that, I would like to move the topic a bit away from the future to say, at the end of the current situation, our view of the current situation is that we remotely rule out the possibility of the "Israeli" enemy conducting a war especially against Lebanon for the aforesaid reasons, no doubt about it.

As to the future, I am obliged to read aloud from a text I have, because there are those in our region who don't trust themselves or their people or their capabilities and their God, before anything else, and they piece together their minds and culture based on the western methodology. Therefore, there are many thing that happen when a resistance leader, a scholar, a mujahid, a true enlightened person comes out from among the nation to speak, they make fun of him. For instance, if someone comes out to say that "Israel" is going to hit a wall and that they have no horizon, they will say ‘what rubbish is this?', and if someone talks about the beginning of the end of the "Israeli" state, they say it's dreams and exaggerations, as was the case in 1982....because there are those who don't accept God and his Messenger and Prophets and good worshipers to be an authority over people, but accept America as an authority, so that if the American government or people say something contrary, they are willing to accept it.

A while ago, at an annual or intermittent conference held in the United States called the AIPAC conference, which is among the most important Jewish conferences in the world which brings together the Zionist lobby in the United States of America and is influential and is characteristically strategic, a conference in which American officials give speeches. And among the speakers this year is the American Secretary of State Mrs. Hillary Clinton. A speech of the sort is usually well studied and prepared by all concerned bodies in the American ministry of foreign affairs because it is more an official American stance than it is a complimentary speech.
In her speech Clinton addressed the Zionist lobby attendees saying, in summary, " In the face of these unforgiving dynamics of demography, ideology, and technology," (to those educated people and writers and journalists in Lebanon and the Arab world, look what your teacher is saying) "it becomes impossible to entrust our hopes for "Israel's" future in today's status quo." (She addresses Jews and tells them there are three matters developing in the region. Therefore the current status-quo is impossible, "Israel" cannot continue to Judaize Al-Quds and build settlements and sustain its barricade of Gaza and threaten Lebanon and Syria and Iran. Hence, Clinton talks about the demographic factor, and it's evident that it will be an influential factor in the upcoming years, and she says the demographic factor will not allow the establishment of a pure Jewish state on the lands of occupied Palestine, so you are obliged to find a solution; second she touches on politics, the political doctrine and ideology. Listen to Clinton's words and remember the "Israeli" talk about some Arabs who asked them not to withdraw in the year 2000 and not to stop the war in 2006... This is what Clinton says on this subject.


Second: We can't overlook the continuous political effects of the ongoing struggle. Today, and for the first time, there is a struggle between those for peace and "Israeli" cohabitation and those against it. She talks about two axes in the area: an axis of moderation and what she describes as an axis of extreme. She continues to say that if we continue this way then the axis of moderation will grow weaker and retreats because it couldn't fulfill the requirements of the people; while the other axis becomes the convincing logic of the people.

The latter is the logic of year 2000, and 2006; hence, when the people of the region see that the path of settlement is doing nothing, while that of the resistance is regaining land and prisoners. It is also growing stronger, providing strength and immunity, confusing the "Israeli" enemy and instead of the Arabian being a beggar the tables will be turned.

With time, the axes of moderation will retreat, growing weary, and with time those willing to have a humiliating settlement with "Israel" will dwindle, as times pass by, "Israel" will not find anyone willing to bow down to its whims and sign humiliating settlements with those in power. This is the political ideology.

Demography does not do serve "Israel's" interest; neither does the political advancement that has a direct effect in the ideology.

What happened year 2000 helped in strengthening a new ideology so did the victory of 2006. The Palestinian intifada of 200 also settled the bases of a new ideology as well as power of hanging in there in the Gaza sector. Therefore, it is safe to say that a new political ideology is coming to life causing embarrassment to the axis of moderation that is bound to find itself isolated, cornered, or down under one of these days.
Third: now comes the turn of technology. Reading it literally: Clinton says: "we finally have to realize that improved technology as a result of the ongoing war makes it very difficult to guarantee the security of "Israel". For a period of six decades, the "Israelis" have guarded their borders with great vigilance. However, the technological progress relative to missiles means that now "Israeli" families are in danger as well.

To explain it a little: missile technology is no longer pricy, nor exhaustive, nor difficult. It can be manufactured locally, and the Arab world is full with people smart enough and capable but in need of a political decision. A missile power with the price of ten Meg fighters can create performing a deterrence force. Simply put, this program isn't costly, complicated, or difficult, and intercepting this system is not that easy.

Everything you hear about patriot missiles and the iron dome are nothing when faced with our missiles. The technological process has brought every city, town, settlement, organization, airport, and sea ports of the "Israeli" entity into the palms of our hands. This means that the internal front in any upcoming war will be threatened, and this "Israelis" do not highly value or welcome.

Due to all these considerations, Clinton wants to convince them to settle before it's too late.
When the "Israelis" look back on year 2000, they boil up with remorse, wishing they had cut a deal with Syria giving back Golan prior to 2000. That way they could have warded off any threats coming from Lebanon and Hizbullah in addition to Hamas, al- Jihad and any sort of resistance perhaps coming from Iran. However, we thought more of ourselves and of course refused to settle.
This is their review and evaluation. And now they are doing the same. Their pride, their insanity, accompanied by their racism will push them into the abyss, God willing.

To the intellectual, I say the following. This is the view point of Hilary Clinton, and the external American ministry. This is the American evaluation of the situation, not that of President Ahmadi Nejad or anyone from Palestine or Lebanon.

The Americans are saying to the Jews out loud in the public that if they don't help out and help Obama to make way for a peace settlement then the Jews only state will not come to be, and every aspect of it will be threatened. If there's one person ready now to sign on a humiliating settlement, in the future he will be long gone. In fact, the "Israeli" are on the path of doom and destruction.

We believe in this future, the one spoken about by Clinton. This is one thing we agree upon with the Americans for this is the future we foresee for "Israel".

Based on the above, from the experience of May 25th2000 and on the estimate of the current situation and this view of the future, what should be done?
We have to commit to the following stand: After putting trust in God Almighty and seek His help, guidance and help to victory, certainly our stand isn't one of retreat before the enemy, or weakness, or frailty, nor begging for anything from this world.

The stand is that we all should be convinced that it's our duty to protect our country. This is the job of all the Lebanese with the arms of our youth, the will of our people and our free patriotic political decision. This is how we protect the country.

Communications are good, and the Lebanese government and the state are doing everything possible to push away any potential threat to Lebanon. We are not criticizing this issue. Yet to do something is one thing, but to bet on something to happen is a totally different thing. We are not required to bank on our contacts and connections but we have no problem making them... this is okay with us.

We should do anything and everything that will protect the country locally, regionally, Arab-wise, Muslim-wise, and internationally. If it is for the welfare of the country, Why not do it? The government should do it as well as the political parties. We want to protect the country, and we want our people to be protected, calm, stable, dear, generous, and holding their head high.

There are numerous means, but the real bet is on our national ability of defense and confrontation on the field. If you are strong, the world respects you. If you are strong, the world addresses you. If you are strong, the world thinks twice before coming your way. When you are strong, you protect yourself and your country and you are able to impose what you want.
However, if you are weak, you will be devoured whole. This is not a world that respects human rights, or their pains and suffering. All around the world, hundreds of thousands are murdered, and no one interferes or even lifts a finger to spare their lives.

When you are strong and able to confront the enemy, and when this enemy is of importance to the world; then the world will take notice of you. For instance, I don't know the nature of the talks between the Russian President, although Russia is trying to play a reasonable role and brother Khalid Mashaal Abu al-Walid president of the political bureau of Hamas when they met in Syria. I don't know what they talked about, but I am certain that the main topic of discussion was that of the "Israeli" soldier Shallit. When they came to Lebanon, the main topic was always about the "Israeli" prisoners. However, it is left to us to talk about the thousands of Palestinian prisoners since the world has no recollection of them.

No one talks about our security, our prisoners, our martyrs, our dignity, and about the worries of our people. Yet the entire world is moved by the remains of an "Israeli" soldier and the idea of searching for him.
The truth only lies in attaining this force. This force will only become available by this equation that should be nationally stabilized. If we rely on the experts of our country and the region officially represented by the leaders of the Lebanese army who know about the army, the country, the geography, demography, the enemy, and the area, they will tell you how the country should be protected. Every leader from General Michel Aoun former military leader, to General Emil Lahoud former military leader, to General Michel Suleiman former military reader, to the current military leader General John Kahwaji agree on the notion of protecting the country and defending those residing in it.

In this context, we continue to maintain our readiness and preparedness; we place no limits on our readiness and preparedness, because we cannot look at only the physical material considerations, as there is a deterrence balance and a balance of terror. These balances are not due only to the physical considerations, but caused by something other than weapons, and we usually talk about it.
In the end we are also interested in the real physical elements of strength alongside faith and moral strengths. That is why certain things we must be said to the "Israelis" others not.

Rest assured I will not say the things that should not be spoken, nor will anyone else, these will remain as surprises in time of war. If we talk, it is not to make "headlines, the last thing we need" but as part of the between us and the "Israeli."
A psychological war is going on today; the "Israelis" are filming their maneuvers and showing them on television to instill fear among the Lebanese. We too can do things we must announce so that the "Israelis" have fear as well. Hence, in this regard I do not disclose a new weapon, but express a new will that if a war breaks out, which we neither want nor fear, we believe it will change the face of this region. Mrs. (Hillary) Clinton is in agreement with us - she is with me on this not with her group in the region?!

In the past we said that "Israel's" interior is thank God exposed now, and we know everything there is to know about it, where to target their internal front, and where the points of weakness and strength are.

We talked about land and urban targets, we said we will retaliate and hit airport for airport, seaport for seaport, city for city, buildings for a building, power station for power station and factory for factory.

The addendum today is the following: in 2006 and before, the "Israeli" enemy at certain times used to besiege the Lebanese coast and prevent any ship from reaching Lebanese ports. They used to scatter in territorial and in international waters - of course in 2006 they escaped from our territorial waters into international waters - where they can be present and besiege our beaches and ports.

Of course, one of the benefits of talking about this topic is that "Israel" now will go to study it, contemplate it, and accordingly hold maneuvers and make plans!!

Last time we talked about the resistance's ability to hit targets with precision, now we have something completely for them to work on, they will have to find new locations for their leaders, we are not the only ones looking for locations for our leadership, they too are also searching for places, and so on.

About the sea battle issue, today we want to add the sea to the land, and I did say I do not disclose a new weapon because we targeted the battleship "Sa'ar 5" using surface-Sea missiles, despite "Israel's" denial. They later admitted to the ship being hit and put out of action for a long time, but not fully destroyed. They also admitted to a number of casualties falling between dead and wounded, even though it is military ship with a supposed strong ability to withstand this kind of missile power.

What I want to say- of course, we do not intend to send resistance ships to international waters in order to stop any ships from going to the ports in occupied Palestine- but I want to add to the equation of airport for airport and seaport for seaport, to tell them that in any future war you ("Israel") want to launch against Lebanon, if you blockade our coasts, shores and seaports all the military, civil and commercial ships heading to the ports of Palestine over the Mediterranean Sea will be within the missile range of the Islamic Resistance.

I'm talking about the Mediterranean Sea now; the Red Sea is yet to be reached.

God willing, we are able to target any vessels heading for any port on the Palestinian shore, from north to the farthest point south. We are able to target and hit these ships. And we are determined to enter this new field in the confrontation if they surrounded our coast (...). When the world sees how these vessels can be destroyed in the territorial waters of occupied Palestine, no one will dare go there in the same way they are prevented from reaching our shores.

Another matter we are prepared to consider is that we will permit passage for passenger ships leaving occupied Palestine.

However, before arms, with arms and after arms the real element of strength is you, this people and these families, these men and women, adults and juniors, these faithful minds, courageous hearts, The firm courage and will that do not relent, the souls ever willing to sacrifice and reject humiliation, complacency and humiliation.

The value of this weapon is that it is in the hands of these men, and the significance of these men is that they are born from this people... the value of this weapon and these men is that there are those who embrace them, rally around them, believe in them, love, defend, protect, and trust them and bank on them.

Otherwise, we would not know what all these weapons can accomplish if placed elsewhere in the world. These arms whose locations and secrecy are protected in utmost care, the gamble on it is actually on the fists that hold them, and the feet of the combatants standing steady in the ground. They gambled on the Air Force, which we experienced in 33 days of aggression, today there is nothing that frightens us, and nothing should.

What they have and what we have?...
To return to year 2000, who was their northern region commander, who was defeated in 2000 and led the escape mission from Lebanon? Gen. Gabi "Ashkenazi", is he "Israel's" hero?!
Or is it Barak?
Does Barack know better than "Halutz", since he was the enemy government Prime Minister who took the decision to escape from Lebanon?

Or is Netanyahu your ("Israel's") "Bully", the current enemy government PM, who for the last three years during the height of resistance work has only reached a dead end, and who was more cowardly than to take the decision to withdraw from Lebanon in the past because he was too afraid of the military?

This is "Israel" and what "Israel" has; these are the men, leaders and minds of "Israel."
On the other hand we ask, are our leaders, minds, elites and generals no match to these?

To begin with, the whole subject is not measurable.
How about comparing their people to our people?

I challenge "Israel" to find footage of even a single scene of our youth in the resistance crying "wailing" like little children, when we have much footage of their soldiers doing so...
They have weapons, yes, which used to frighten us and no longer does, because our hearts are no longer afraid.

Today I conclude by saying let us overturn the equation, why remain on the defensive- by that I'm referring to the psychological level - Why should Lebanon remain the scared side seeking reassurance! Let "Israel" be the afraid side, let it search for reassurances.
I do not want to give "Israel" reassurance nor is this the requirement, because when assured "Israel" launches assaults, when unsure it recedes.
Therefore, what's required is for "Israel" to be scared of war, it is not necessary for anyone to frighten Lebanon of the war.

Allow me to say that those who insist on raising the topic of war, they talk about it and call on disarming the resistance - the resistance weapons...let them relax, calm down a bit, because all this raucous is to no avail and a waste of time. The resistance and its strategic presence within the equation has long surpassed all these speeches and calculations... and today the enemy is afraid, will continue to be afraid and we will keep it scared and afraid.

As to you, on this tenth anniversary of the victory of your blood over their swords, rest assured, confident and with calm hearts, for this enemy will not dare to simply - and I do not absolutely deny - but not as they say, that the equations and calculations have changed, when it is "Israel" that must remain scared and worried, and it is afraid and worried.

But in addition to creating a state of fear within the enemy, we ought not only have a state of no fear but a state of readiness, certainty, faith and confidence in victory, that yes, we will face the next war, triumph and change the face of the region, God willing.

Congratulations to you on this victory day, liberation day, resistance day, dignity day and the day of the promising future.... God bless your martyrs, heal your wounded, bring the release of your captives, and make you victorious against your enemy...and God's mercy, peace, and blessings to you all.



person Freedom Fighter

God Bless

God Bless Nasrallah!