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Full Speech of H.E. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah: Hizbullah Has the Right to Possess Any Weapon

Full Speech of H.E. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah: Hizbullah Has the Right to Possess Any Weapon
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In the name of God Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Thanks and Praise be to God, Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds, peace and prayers be to the seal of prophets, Prophet Mohammad, his infallible household, his chosen companions and all the prophets,
Brothers and Sisters, Assalam A'laikom (Peace be upon you).

First of all I would like to express my pleasure for meeting with you, and just like you, I too was waiting for this meeting a long time ago, and we were preparing for it, but circumstances, events and developments always played a role in postponing, until Allah made it possible.

The timing is blessed because we are in early May, the month of Islamic Resistance victory, and this year's anniversary is special, because we will be celebrating a decade since the victory.

When we talk about the resistance and its victory, we of course talk about the Islamic Resistance Support Organization and the deep relation with the occasion. When we talk about the resistance's victory, we talk about your victory as well, for you; all workers in the field of the Islamic Resistance Support Organization, are and still part of this resistance.

What we are hoping for this year, is that this year's Resistance and Liberation anniversary is to have suitable attention on national, official, and popular levels, because it's a big important day for Lebanon and the nation. When we insist on reviving the Resistance and Liberation holiday, it's because we want our children, grandchildren, generations, and peoples to see days of victories in our recent history.

Since 62 years, people are reliving Catastrophe (Nakba) Day, followed by Deterioration (Naksa) Day after the 1982 "Israeli" invasion of Lebanon. Our days were days of calamities and deteriorations, then the resistance in Lebanon presented us a day of victory, an image of victory, a day of pride and dignity, a day of joy and smile.

Yet there are some who insist on ignoring this historical divine victory in Lebanon's life and the nation's.

God willing in coming up occasions, we will go over the meanings and connotations of this victory, and the duty towards it.
Confirming that the 2000 victory confirms the divine promise: "If ye will aid (the cause of) God, He will aid you, and plant your feet firmly."

In our blessed meeting today, I will talk about three issues; the first issue is related to the Islamic Resistance Support Organization, its activities, agenda, duties and prospects. The second issue will be over the current Lebanese Municipal Elections, and the third issue is the general one concerning recent updates, especially regarding the US and "Israeli" blares over the weapons and claimed threats.

Concerning the first issue, it's with no doubt that since its establishment in the late 1980s, the Islamic Resistance Support Organization in Lebanon is still a major part of the resistance in Lebanon, through resistance activities, effort, and Jihad. Here we notice the "act of resistance" when we talk about the Resistance, we find it as diverse and integrated in military, political, educational, social, logistic, moral, and psychological aspects. The resistance is not only an armed and military resistance. The military aspect is the most important of the resistance's aspects; it's the final embodiment of the resistance, and the outcome of educational effort, national mobilization, political orientation and assessment. 

The members of the resistance are those who contribute in such actions, therefore if we were to be accurate in our expressions, we say that the Islamic Resistance Support Organization is part of the resistance and not a separated section supporting it from distance. Educational, training, regulatory and militarization efforts are in the heart of the resistance.

Since the beginning, the effort put by the Islamic Resistance Support Organization in Lebanon, whether on the moral, political, cultural, media, social, or materialistic levels, was a great dutiful effort in support of the resistance movement and its activities and jihad.
I recall after the year 2000, after the May victory, negotiations happened between our brothers in Hizbullah over what do to with frameworks and organizations, which were part of the resistance and its work. Were they to continue their work, or reconsider their presence, or fuse it with other organizations and firms?

The answer back then was: before asking if we are to keep the Islamic Resistance Support Organization, we are to see if there is a need for keeping the resistance, and then there is a need to keep the Resistance Support Organization in both its moral and materialistic aspects. 

I tell brothers and sisters who were blessed to be part of this organization, as long as there is resistance in Lebanon, the Resistance Support Organization in Lebanon will remain. 

As long as there is resistance, then this resistance always will need a messenger to deliver its culture, its intellect, the purity of its martyrs, its sacrifices, and this is what you are doing, and should continue doing in order to make way for those who would like to support and fund.

Here I would like to shed light on the matter of money and aids.
When Allah spoke about Jihad in the Holy Quran, and when all messengers of Allah spoke about it, they spoke about the Jihad against the enemy. Of course there is a Greater (Akbar) Jihad, and there is a Smaller (Asghar) Jihad. The Greater Jihad is the Jihad against the evil-inclined self or spirit, which wants to lead the person to hell, where one resists it and stops it from controlling his or her mind, heart and feelings. The Smaller Jihad on the other hand, is the Jihad against the foreign enemy, and this Jihad comes in two types: a Jihad with money, and a Jihad by one's self.

Many of the Quran verses mentioning the Jihad mentioned both types of Jihad.
There is a title under the name of "financial Jihad". When an enemy invades a country, the people of this country should defend it, and if some of the people achieved part of this duty, others have to help in completion of the duty, therefore "financial Jihad" is one's duty in case money was needed. 

Even if there wasn't a need for money, financial jihad and support is appreciative. I would like to be honest and clear: we thank all who have contributed and still are donating money and aids for the resistance, those who do not hoard their money from the resistance and don't hoard their children from it as well. We thank them and appreciate their bids, and pray Allah to accept them. 

Yet we should draw attention to the fact that the money contributed to the resistance is not considered charity, so I tell donators: If you consider the money you contribute to the resistance as charity, then don't pay it for supporting the resistance, but rather pay it for the poor and orphans. The money paid for the support of the resistance should not be of charity money, for the money given to the resistance will be spent on weapons, training, equipment, places to withstand, what's needed for defense, and is not spent on the poor and orphans. 

"Financial Jihad" or support of the resistance has its own site and reward. And even whether the donators questioned whether the resistance really needs the money we pay, and if the small safes found in homes to collect money and children to contribute from their allowance and then donate them to the resistance is necessary.
Despite whether the resistance needs it or no, contributing money to the resistance is a need for donators; a legitimate, ethical, faithful, patriotic, and religious need, for through money, they participate in defending their country, and they obey Allah's demand of Jihad with their money.

On another level, I stress on the presence of small safes in homes, because it has educational and cultural dimensions. Every once in a while those children donate some money in the small Dome of Rock-shaped safe.

Cultural and educational dimensions are very important, and there is something else I would like to add: I believe that who pays money, while really needing that money, but pays it in a good cause and in obeying Allah's will, and then with that money we buy a missile, I am then sure that the missile will surely demolish a tank. I believe under intellectual basics, that the money paid in good cause with a good intension for Allah, and even if it were little, has great effects, so why do we prevent the resistance of such contributions?

So we urge on keeping this door opened, and what we really care for is that people spend their money in the sake of Allah and give away their money for their afterlife. If they donated the money as charity for the poor and orphans we will be pleased, and if they donated it for building schools or mosques we will be pleased. If they wanted to donate their money for the resistance to participate in its readiness for defending, confronting, and achieving victory we will also be happy.

Yet from start to end, what is spent of money is spent for one's self, and it will be present in doomsday where it will be of use to them. The Islamic Resistance Support Organization represents the trusted way to deliver this money to the resistance.

I believe the issue of the Resistance Support Organization is now clear, and I would like to thank you all, and our brother, the General Manager Hajj Hussein Shami, all brothers in the central committee, and brothers and sisters in all sections and zones and frameworks of the Resistance Support Organization. I pray Allah to accept your Jihad, support, and sacrifice, hoping that you and I will always have a pure intension in work. If this work was not for the sake of Allah, then it's not worthy, for we might achieve some results in life, but we will not find any of its blessings in the afterlife.

Sincerity in intension gives us life results, but saves what is more important for the afterlife. I hope, God willing, that you continue your work, moral and materialistic support, and activities in all aspects which you have become experts in. What I will be talking about in a while is not of less importance, not regarding expectations, nor regarding responsibilities sentenced on us through previous decades.

We move on to talk about the political situation which is very important.
You know that a few months ago, "Israelis", and by that I mean Zionist officials, continuously launched and repeated threats to Lebanon for three or four months.
None of the "Israeli" officials or "Israeli" media has spared Lebanon from threats. One threatened of destructing Dahyeh (Beirut Southern Suburb), another threatened of bombing the infrastructure and destroying it, another threatened of invading the South and another threatened of invading all Lebanon. 

They have used all threats possible during four or five months until the 6th of February arrived, which is the memory of the Martyred Leaders. 

On the memory of the Martyred Leaders, we said our word and it is a word we do not need to repeat. You realize that after that day and until the "Scud Missile" issue was brought up there was complete silence. 

Actually on the contrary, right after the 16th of February (commemoration of the Martyred Leaders), "Israeli" President Shimon Peres declared the next day that "we have nothing to do with Lebanon, we are done with it and we do not intend to engage in war with it."
Not only Peres was the one to act as if he had never threatened earlier, but also Netanyahu, Barak, and Ashkenazi, all retreated after the 16th of February.
They all stated after that day, "We have nothing to do with Lebanon, we do not have any intentions to engage in war with Lebanon, we want peace with Lebanon" and until yesterday, this assertion was still up, here we question why has the "Israeli" language waned and calmed down?

One can answer this question with different analysis, but there is one main clear explanation: the 16th of February. 

On the 16th of February, there were those who told the "Israelis"- on your behalf, on behalf of your Mujahideen (resistance fighters) and on behalf of your Resistance- that we are not afraid of your ("Israelis") threats, nor afraid of your intimidation, and that we are ready to confront you, ready to defeat you again, and ready to defend our villages, cities, infrastructure, dignity and pride. 

The "Israelis" took these words seriously, as they know we never fool in this issue. I again acknowledge that I give speeches and practice psychological war, but it is a war based on facts and true data. We do not practice a psychological war based on lies and deception neither with foes nor with friends. 

Even if deception of foes was legitimate in law and in jurisprudence, we do not do it.
We launch our psychological war on basis of real facts and information, the "Israelis" understand this very well and that is why since the 17th of February, the "Israeli" attitude and language have changed. 

A while ago, the Scud missile story - which says that Syria delivered Scud missiles to Hizbullah- emerged and was spread by the Americans or was ascribed to them by a gulf newspaper. Shimon Peres took that story with him to France, "Israeli" media started talking about the story that was adopted by the Americans and since then it has become the talk of the hour.
(Hilary) Clinton also still talks about this issue and addresses Syria and Iran on the topic and a big fuss was made out of this story.
I ask those who claim that Syria has delivered Scud missiles to Hizbullah, what is your evidence? 

No one has presented any evidence on these allegations. First I say that a huge uproar on this issue is taking place with no evidence at all. Second, Syria has decisively denied allegations it has delivered such weapons to Hizbullah. Third, Hizbullah is not concerned at all to neither deny nor assert its possession of any arms. This is our policy and we maintain such policy. 

Some said this topic might be of pressure and that maybe you (Hizbullah) will break your policy and talk about Scud missiles story. The answer is no, our policy is fixed. We are not entitled to assert or rebut whether we have received any arms, or if we brought any arms, especially when talking about the type of weaponry. 

We do talk in general about things related to the overall power. The "Israelis" are to analyze and break up the information and data and try to understand it.
Meanwhile, we are not concerned- not even for a second - to prove or deny our possession of any type of weaponry and therefore, we do not and will not comment.
I would also like to add another thing, today if we assert or deny receiving a certain weapon, this implies that we prove all we are asserting or denying and that is why I will never go there. I do not deny nor do I assert... this is our fixed policy.
Fourth, we do not accept that anyone in this world discusses our rights, the fact whether we practice this right or not is something else. 

When US War Minister Gates says that Hizbullah owns missiles and weapons more than any other government in this world, I will not comment if this is true or not but I tell him that when you said what you said (about Hizbullah) you stood by "one" person, Ehud Barak. You stood next to Barak who owns aerial weaponry, nuclear weapons, and chemical weapons that are internationally and legally prohibited and that most world governments do not possess. You stood by the man who kills women, commits massacres in Lebanon and Palestine unlike most of the world governments. 

I tell him (Gates) "you stood by the War minister of an armed entity that assaults others, violates others sanctities, sheds blood and this does not affect you or mean anything to you.

But if anyone in Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Iran or elsewhere in the Arab and Islamic world owns a weapon to defend oneself, to protect his children, women, his people's blood and dignity, and his country's sovereignty then he should be criminalized and deserves conviction and threats and a big fuss should be made out of it in the entire world. This is a logic that we strictly reject and condemn. 

I want to say, that whatever weapon we own-any weapon that comes to your mind- is a weapon that we have the right to own, it is our legal, ethical, humanitarian and juristic right because we want to use this weapon to defend the dignified, oppressed people who are threatened by the presence of the cancerous "Israeli" entity.
We will practice this right wherever we can and we will not slacken at all. Frankly, I tell you that all the fuss that was stirred up on Scud missiles and on weaponry is not an introduction for a coming war, and hopefully I am right.... 

This intimidation campaign has multiple goals, one of which is to exert pressure on the resistance, on the people in Lebanon, on Lebanon, Syria, Iran, and on our Palestinian brothers, it is like a warning that says "watch out, there is a red line, there is a weapon that you are not allowed to own or possess, there is a weapon that breaks the balance and there is a weapon that if you possess will lead to war". The aim is to exert pressure so that we do not become stronger; the aim is to pressure Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Hizbullah, and the resistance in Palestine so that they all would think twice before wanting to buy a certain weapon, or get a certain weapon or deliver a certain weapon and so on. 

The aim in first place is to pressure, frighten, and intimidate resisting countries and resistance movements from thinking of becoming stronger as it is not in the interest of the US that strong countries exist in the region, and it is not in the interest of the US and "Israel" that the resistance movements become strong in the region. 

What they want is that the Arab and Islamic region stay weak, feeble, inferior, and humiliated so that this region remains under American hegemony and control and so that at the end, the region accepts a settlement with the "Israelis" under Netanyahu's conditions.

I tell you today this aim will not be fulfilled, and all the uproar will make no difference, on the contrary, it will fail. The claims about Scud missiles in this manner will only scare the "Israelis" and will scare people in Tel Aviv and in Beir Al Sabe'e (Beersheba). 

Of course, when we talk about Scud missiles, these can reach "Ilat", the farthest city in occupied Palestine whose residents will be terrified. On the other hand, such talk calms our people who believe that owning Scud missiles is a big thing, and think that "the deterrence balance will be real which means that if "Israel" decides to go to war, a disaster awaits it." 

Therefore, this policy (Scud missiles story) that was adopted led to realizing complete contrary of the goal.
Another goal of this campaign is to divert attention from the current American-"Israeli" conflict. Of course we do not deny that a conflict exists; there is no 100% agreement. But there is concurrence on the project as the American and "Israeli" scheme is agreed on. That is why (Barack) Obama and (Hilary) Clinton are just like (George) Bush and all their successors (as to guaranteeing) "Israel's" security, predominance, and power that are considered as red lines.

There is a dispute on the tactics and on identifying interests. Americans tell Netanyahu- just like what Clinton told them in the AIPAC conference- "your interest is to conclude reconciliation, as the demographic situation in the region is changing and the situation of the resistance is changing, and its rocketry technology and development is on the foot; in the future there is a series of big risks. 

Now there exist those who support you but as years pass, you will not find anyone by your side"... this is the American point of view, but "Israelis" are stubborn and do not want to compromise not even a little. 

The dispute is strategic and it is a dispute on the details, it is a dispute that serves "Israel's" interest. America tells them this is how we serve "Israel's" interest, but the "Israelis" see things differently and so the "Israelis" and Americans stir up this big fuss as to distract and divert attention from the dispute and solve it away from all the uproar. 

Also one of the goals- which we should pay much attention to- is the "Israeli" attempt to play "victim", as if its existence is threatened and in other words, create a big fuss worldwide: "God knows what Syria possesses now, so is the case of Hizbullah, Hamas, and Iran..." all these are attempts of playing oppressed to picture "Israel" as the victim, oppressed and unjustly treated, and by that "Israel" justifies its right to hold onto the lands it raped, and its right to prevent refugees from coming back, its crashing of Palestinians' bones and launching of wars against the countries and people of the region.
Americans and "Israelis" claim that Syria gave Hizbullah "Scud" missiles, how many? Three, four, ten, twenty? They give no number... and does this threaten "Israel's" existence? No it does not. 

They consider the possibility of defending oneself as a redline, and their attempts of playing oppressed leads them to be the victim, where Gaza and its people and missiles become the assailant and "Israel" gets the right to do what it did in Gaza.
When talking about war, there are many in Lebanon who do not scrutinize "Israeli" talk. "Israelis" talked about Scud missiles but they also said they do not want war, so why do some "insist war is coming?" 

Review most of "Israeli" statements, they did not say we want to launch a war; they did not even say that the Scud missiles issue breaks the balance.
Major "Israeli" officials said: "we think that Hizbullah possesses Scud missiles now, which is something we reject but we do not want to start a war.

On another hand, when speaking of missiles, it does not make a difference to the "Israelis" how many missiles Hizbullah possesses, and they are very clear in this point as they do not consider that any missile the resistance receives breaks the balance.
To "Israel", aerial defense is what makes a difference and breaks the balance as they have stated clearly in the past. They say that the resistance breaks the balance when it owns weaponry that can prevent air force from destructing, bombarding, attacking, killing, committing massacres without restrictions. 

There is no war in the air, and if "Israel" wanted to engage into war, it would not have made all this fuss. Notice that before the 1982 invasion, silence dominated over the South, the region and the media gave an impression that it was in a different world, meanwhile, a political scheme was applied on Lebanon and the region and it was the invasion of 1982. 

Before July 12 2006, there was nothing, right before that, we captured detainees from Sheba'a farms and nothing happened, and we responded back at "Israeli" planes that flew above the settlements and nothing happened. Palestinians breached the borders and executed operations in Northern Occupied Palestine and nothing happened.

But on July 12, a big political scheme that was set up for Lebanon and the region entitled "the New Middle East" was what caused a war.
Now, neither Scud missiles, nor resistance armament or other reasons can cause war to happen. There could be a big political scheme that can bring war to the region, but the details of this scheme are not clear yet. 

Many say that in July, calculations were not precise. True it is that in July we lacked information on the political scheme, we were interpreting in one place and it turned out that a conspiracy and scheme was being drawn in another place, we were not expecting such a level of conspiracy and collusion. Today, we are alert to all the lines, and there exists a political scheme that failed. 

I further say more, when we see that the "Israelis" have become completely silent, and the Americans are silent as well and the uproar disappears, that is when we should worry. But when we see their extensive speeches and their howling and screaming, this implies they are helpless. 

In all the phases since 1948, all or at least most of the wars to what I remember that took place were preceded by "Israeli" silence, where "Israel" did not scream and howl.
Therefore, no one intimidates us. The Lebanese have to calm down and focus on the municipal elections and of course stand in solidarity with their resistance and express their national unity and solidarity, because this expression and solidarity is part of the deterrence power that prevents the enemy from thinking about launching any aggression and prevents the enemy from thinking about attacking Lebanon.

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