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Enemy Radio: Hizbullah Has More Than 60,000 Missiles

Enemy Radio: Hizbullah Has More Than 60,000 Missiles
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Translated By Hizbullah Official Website
Source: "Zionist Army Radio"

The "Israeli" ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren said, "‘Israel' is bound by the sanctions process against Iran because, like any country, it has the right to defend itself if it feels threatened."

In an interview with the American CNN Network, Oren claimed that "Iran represents a threat to ‘Israel', the Middle East and the entire world," and added saying, "While we appreciate efforts made by the United States to form an international coalition to impose sanctions on Tehran, ‘Israel' has the right to defend itself, and we do remember what happened before 65 years ago, when Jews were not able to defend themselves."

Oren also touched on Syria and Lebanon, he said: "‘Israel' is not interested in attacking them", and pointed out that "The transfer of Scud missiles to Hizbullah concerned ‘Israel'."

He added, "The Iranians and Syrians supplied Hizbullah with 60 thousand rockets, directed now towards ‘Israeli' cities, which form a real threat to ‘Israel's' population and Lebanon's population as well, and I'm sure the Obama administration is aware of the inherent risk in this transfer to Hizbullah."