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Williams: UN Views Hizbullah as an Important Lebanese Party

Williams: UN Views Hizbullah as an Important Lebanese Party
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Local Editor, 11-02-2010

UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon Michael Williams told Tunisian magazine As-Shuruq that the UN is not siding with "Israel" and that it views Hizbullah as an important Lebanese party.
"It is difficult to imagine a country other than Lebanon that is being subjected to as many violations," he said, in reference to frequent "Israeli" breaches of Lebanese territory and airspace.

Williams reiterated that UN Security Council Resolution 1701 is a great success because of the stability it brought to the South for the past three years.
According to Williams, a widespread war between Hizbullah and "Israel" is unlikely at the moment because neither side wants the situation in South Lebanon to explode.

However, he warned against an unexpected escalation due to the ongoing intelligence war between Tel Aviv and Hizbullah, possibly referring to the "Israeli" spy cells discovered in Lebanon in early 2009 and the 2008 assassination of Hizbullah senior military commander Imad Mughnieh.

Williams voiced hope that the current end of hostilities between Lebanon and "Israel" would lead to a ceasefire, saying that the legal power of a ceasefire can protect Lebanon.
According to Williams, Hizbullah does not oppose a ceasefire under the right conditions, which, he said, would be the "Israeli" withdrawal from the Shibaa Farms and the northern part of the Ghajar village.

Williams voiced hope that "Israel" would withdraw from Ghajar, saying that UNIFIL is engaged in difficult negotiations with Tel Aviv. He added that these negotiations have so far led to agreement over technical details concerning the town residents, utilities and ambulances.
He called for "Israel" to make a clear commitment for withdrawal by setting a date for it, adding that the Lebanese are running out of patience.