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H. E. Sayyed Nasrallah: ’’Fake Kidnapping’’ Aimed at Causing Sedition

H. E. Sayyed Nasrallah: ’’Fake Kidnapping’’ Aimed at Causing Sedition
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      H. E. Sayyed Nasrallah: ’’Fake Kidnapping’’ Aimed at Causing Sedition
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The Speech of the Secretary General of Hizbullah Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah during a central memorial hosted by Hizbullah on the occasion of the 40th of Imam Hussein (pbuh) in the "Sayyed Al Shuhada" (pbuh) compound in Ruwais:

Among all the disasters we face, one of the greatest calamities in our region is a cancerous tumor called "Israel" and the hegemony of the "Great Satan" [United States] on our country, people, resources, and on a number of our governments, organizations, media institutions, schools, and institutions. It is the greatest tragedy, along with its wars, disasters, sieges, killings, imprisoning, detaining, injuring, and destruction of homes, as well as the psychological and physical effects on many people in this region. We also face many social, economic, and natural disasters, and so on. Therefore we must protect ourselves by this understanding, this culture and this knowledge. We have to take the good examples and role models from our Prophets, Imams, Messengers and Sayyida Zeinab in order to face these predicaments and challenges. This is our duty. Thank God our people are of this type as well.

 H. E. Sayyed Nasrallah: ’’Fake Kidnapping’’ Aimed at Causing Sedition   

After the July War, numerous polling organizations and research centers dedicated to studying psychological, educational, and social aspects arrived here. They came on their own initiatives, or maybe their administrations or states sent them, or maybe even intelligence services sent them. Everything is possible. The objective: To study the psychological effects of the July war on people, in particular, and in the first degree, on the group that was heavily targeted, namely those who lost their loved ones, and those whose houses and livelihood were destroyed. The other group is those who were displaced and remained 34 days away from their homes. Ultimately the war was cruel and very painful, and it's typical that wars impact these people as wars have impacted the people of the world throughout history.

I read the results of some of these studies which invoked astonishment of some at their results. By and large, there are natural consequences of war on psychological, emotional and humanitarian levels. There is a huge segment of people who, when exposed to war, are struck by depression, despair, frustration, as well as mental and physical breakdowns. They say they were surprised, even stunned, by the results as it was found that the vast majority of those targeted by the war were not psychologically affected by the expected consequences of the war. An analysis was conducted and responses were collected from parents, wives, and children of the martyrs as well as from the wounded.

 They (Organizations and centers) also met people whose homes were destroyed, and conducted a poll only to find common answers. Among these common answers was: "We find a good example in the Messenger of Allah and his family... We find a good example in Abu Abdullah Al Hussein (pbuh)... We find a good example in Sayyida Zeinab the daughter of Imam Ali (pbuh).... We find good examples in the martyrs, the companions, the women and the orphans of Karbala."

H. E. Sayyed Nasrallah: ’’Fake Kidnapping’’ Aimed at Causing Sedition  

This is the culture of Karbala, the culture of Imam Hussein and Sayyida Zeinab, a culture which remains very strong. This culture gives us the strength to stand, it gives us the strength to withstand, it gives us the strength to confront, and it gives us the strength to annul the consequences of aggression, war and catastrophes. That's why they appreciated these rather extraordinary and astounding results.

It has become the trend that on the 40th of Imam Al Hussein people walk to visit Imam Hussein (pbuh), as we see nowadays on satellite television. Millions of people in Iraq come from different places to walk on foot to Karbala. Up to this year, statistics tell of hundreds and thousands of non-Iraqi visitors that came from outside Iraq. They go on planes, trains, or cars. They go to Baghdad and walk to Karbala or they go to Najaf and walk to Karbala. Every year the pilgrim convoys heading to Karbala were exposed to attacks and criminal suicide bombings, and large numbers were killed. Hundreds of martyrs and wounded fell along the road to Karbala. This year, despite very strict security measures and with the presence of thousands of security forces in place to maintain the security to the visitors, visitors remained exposed to many suicide bombings on the roads and a large number were martyred and wounded .


H. E. Sayyed Nasrallah: ’’Fake Kidnapping’’ Aimed at Causing Sedition

 What does this matter indicate? It indicates that there are blaspheming sides [persons accusing others of blasphemy i.e. disbelieving in God and, consequently, deserving punishment]. When we say it's a suicide bomber, it means it's not an American or an "Israeli". It is known who works in suicide bombings. There are blaspheming sides that are determined to proceed in this path and in this approach. This is one of the greatest misfortunes of the nation in this era and one of the nation's gravest troubles of time. It necessitates responsibilities and duties. We can't exonerate the Americans and "Israelis" from being behind this type of operations. These blaspheming groups have been strongly infiltrated by security services and U.S. and "Israeli" intelligence among others, and are being used, knowingly or unaware, in the enemies' plans against their nation. They place this nation amid the greatest threat it could be faced with at this present time.

There are parties that haven't yet despaired from the sedition project, even after one, two, or even five years of bombing Shiia mosques, processions, the shrine of the Two Imams peace be upon them in Samraa, as well as murdering and otherwise. Years have passed on these incidents, but there seems to be a side that hasn't lost hope yet and is determined to proceed in this manner. They are accustomed to sowing sedition among Muslims using suicide operations, bombings, improvised explosive devices and car bombs. They use intolerable incitements and abuse against clerics and certain figures, not unlike what happened a few weeks ago.


 H. E. Sayyed Nasrallah: ’’Fake Kidnapping’’ Aimed at Causing Sedition 

  I am not saying that they only wanted to create sedition between the Shiia and Sunnis. They want fighting to spread between Muslims in general, between the Shiia and Sunnis, the Sunnis and Sunnis, the Shiia and Shiia. But now that we are talking about a blaspheming group with a known background, these people don't only target the Shiites, or only sow sedition between Shiites and Sunnis. Many of the killings and suicide bombings were carried out in Afghanistan and Pakistan and formerly in Algeria and Morocco and even in Iraq in the province of Anbar in Kurdistan as well as in Diyala in Mosul. Many of these operations targeted Sunni mosques, Sunni clerics and Sunni figures due to differences in the way of thinking, or in some of the intellectual concepts or ideological differences, or even due to differences in political approach.

Not only do these blaspheming groups blasphemy the Shiia, but they also blasphemy many Sunnis. They don't stop at blaspheming the ideological or intellectual attitude; they resort to killing, to massacres and to shedding blood. What happened in the past two days on the road to Karbala and the affliction of this number of martyrs and the execution of this number of operations in spite of all the security measures taken reveals that these blasphemers have no problem with killing thousands on the road to Karbala. That's what the blasphemers do to accomplish their project and plan. This is a painful sad reality.



H. E. Sayyed Nasrallah: ’’Fake Kidnapping’’ Aimed at Causing Sedition


How should we deal with this reality?

 On the day of Resurrection all the Muslim scholars in this nation will be questioned, and those who are silent will be questioned and they shouldn't ever think that they aren't implicated, as if the matter has become routine or a ‘tradition' that we are used to. Too bad, "Israel" after 60 years has become a traditional and "normal" routine?! "Israel" besieges people, starves Gazans, and continues to arrests people in the West bank. "Israel" imprisons thousands of Palestinians, and yet "it's normal", "it's normal". It continues excavations under and around Al- Aqsa Mosque and "it's normal". It has all became "normal" to a point where it doesn't trigger any reaction in the Arab and Muslim world. This triggers a question as the status-quo stands. To the scientists, elites, intellectuals, the media, the Islamic movements, the public, and the old and young. This is a sedition scheme. They must say the truth out loud fearless of anyone else in the presence of God. The people behind these actions must know that their actions are deplorable, absolutely unacceptable. The nation is responsible for exposing these blasphemers, not refrain from it. The blasphemers should be exposed, distanced and isolated from the possibility of having any impact on the life of this nation.

  H. E. Sayyed Nasrallah: ’’Fake Kidnapping’’ Aimed at Causing Sedition  

 And what is of grave importance is that this group should be prevented from achieving their goal: sedition.
When we are not lured to sedition in any country, we will have abolished their criminal, murderous, massacring, sedition goals. This is an enormously dangerous responsibility, and so far they have failed. They have failed due to what we are calling for, which is the consciousness of the religious and political authorities, the awareness of the elites, the awareness of the public, the people who understand very well that the adversary is the killer behind the killer. When the Shiia or Sunni are exposed to killings, the responsibility shouldn't be distributed on all the Shiia or on all the Sunnis. This is the wisdom and awareness, and people are acting by it.

We should be aware that there are still people who are determined to proceed with this project, those who haven't lost hope. Starting from here, I would like to bring forth a Lebanese example. Even though it is a partial incident, it remains very serious. The Lebanese public in general and the Lebanese Muslims in particular ought to know that God saved them from a great adversity that was headed their way. This is substantiates a quote in the Kumayl supplication which reads, "Many are the grave tribulations which You have prevented". A grave tribulation was about to befall this country, yet God prevented it.

H. E. Sayyed Nasrallah: ’’Fake Kidnapping’’ Aimed at Causing Sedition       


It's the issue of Majdal Anjar. I don't want to go into details; the public is aware of the incident of the sheikh who was allegedly abducted. Mayhem stated from the first hours. Grave sectarian and inflammatory rhetoric was employed. Uncontrolled and unlimited instigation was used. Calls for reactions were issued. Those who claimed the Sheikh had been abducted accused, from the first moment, particular sides. Voices were raised reviving history, the present and the past. They called for reactions, for kidnappings and murder.

Later on, it turned out that the Sheikh kidnapped himself. Afterwards, it was said that he shaved his beard. Matters were supposed to interact within a few days: Protests in mosques, demonstrations on roads, the media would jump in and agitate. After the incitement climaxes the Sheikh's hair was to be shaved, and he was supposed to be exposed to some effects of torture, and dumped on a road. After that was to appear in a press conference and accuses certain people of kidnapping him. After that the country burns and vanishes.

       H. E. Sayyed Nasrallah: ’’Fake Kidnapping’’ Aimed at Causing Sedition   

Why was this grave adversity prepared? For what reason? For the service of whom? For what purpose? The country entered a lull, a period of coexistence after the parliamentary elections, even better than a lull. People started sitting with each other, and talking to each other, and understanding each other, discussing with each other, and coordinating things together. We formed a national unity government and we placed issues relating to people and the country in front of our eyes.

Why? And in the service of whom? At the time when the country is at its best state of calmness, cooperation and harmony. On the other hand "Israel" threatens Lebanon everyday and, lately, has started threatening Syria, as well as the Gaza Strip and Iran. Why was Lebanon being taken into a sectarian strife? In the interest of whom is this matter?

In any case, this incident occurred. We may disagree on political views and stances, but it doesn't mean we can't be fair and just. From here, and based on a moral and legal responsibility, it is my duty tonight to thank the Future Movement on the level of its central leadership and on the level of its Bekaa Valley presence, for acting responsibly and calmly. They weren't dragged to sedition despite the presence of incitement which, unfortunately, was being ignited by some people, elites, intellectuals and some of those who are supposedly pious and God-fearing, people who were required to act consciously, wisely, patiently and with verification, but, unfortunately, didn't.


Our brothers in the Future Movement acted responsibly and wisely. We thank them and we appreciate their stance. God bless them for this stance. We also laud the internal security forces that seriously pursued this case from the first moment. They assumed control and quickly uncovered the truth, arrested the Sheikh, and announced the truth to the public. They put out the fire of sedition. We also commend the leadership of the internal security forces and all the officers who worked hard on this achievement. Our duty is to thank them all.

Furthermore, there's the responsible stance that was issued by many leaders from our brothers in the Sunni community. Starting from clerics, prime-ministers (current and former), and political and religious leaders. Not only are we to thank God and the worshipers of God for deflecting the adversity, we must tell people to stay alert in the future.

We did not talk about this case, and maybe this is the first time someone in Hizbullah comments on the matter. I would like to speak about him in addition to characterizing the situation so that people comprehend what adversity was deflected. Secondly, I wanted to thank those who put out the flames of sedition. Thirdly, I would like to say the following:

Brothers and sisters in Lebanon, Our people in Lebanon! Muslims and Christians! Sunnis and Shiia! We must be careful similar to the counties of the Arab and Muslim world; there is someone that is insisting on sedition among the Lebanese. There are those who work day and night to create sectarian conflict and sectarian fighting in Lebanon. There are those who will not rest till they achieve this result. Those people have the deception, the lies, the hypocrisy, and very dangerous means and tools. All of us should be cautious and we should all pay attention and take precautions.

Tomorrow, God forbid, a Shiia cleric, or a Christian cleric, or a Druze cleric or anyone else could be kidnapped. Anyone could be killed, God forbid, and some people would come, they would not rely on any verification or any investigation, would create a climate of strife in the country, create actions and reactions. I tell you, whoever did it and whoever does it is an "Israeli", knowingly or unknowingly.

The first thing we should do is sit down and investigate and be sure of the person who did it, before flinging accusations here and there. There are security institutions and agencies in this country that have proved, day by day, that their human and technological potential are developing very well. We must not act in haste because secrets cannot be buried in this country.
We should act wisely in our reactions. For instance, if there was an incident from one of the followers of a sect on one of the followers of another sect, would that draw us to a sectarian conflict? Would we burn our country, our houses and villages? Would we destroy our houses with our own hands in a reaction that the Devil and enemies want?

Patience in order to comprehend, patience in our reactions, the speeding up of the Government and state, the speeding up of different leaderships to incorporate any event and reveal its details and cure its implications... These are the most important responsibilities of everyone in Lebanon today. We should all be armed with caution. We shouldn't lose focus at any moment, neither in Lebanon nor in Iraq, or Afghanistan, or Pakistan, or Syria, or Egypt, or Palestine, or any other country. There are those who want the people of these countries to fight, wrestle, and slaughter each other, shed each other's blood and destroy each other's houses. Must we open our ears to the calls of the devil and follow his steps?

[Pay attention] Even to what some of the U.S media proclaimed recently. It's obvious that there is constant daily incitement for sedition among the Arabs and Iran. What matters is that we keep away from "Israel"; what's important is to keep away from America. All the other wars are not only allowed, they are required and they are being worked on and planned for.

Today I wanted to raise this subject to say that there's a great responsibility on the level of the nation and on the Lebanese level. God deflected this adversity, and we ask Him to do so all times. But what if God deflects the adversities in Lebanon once, twice, and three times and we don't act as a state or as an elite or as people with responsibility?...

Thank God everyone acted with responsibility this time except for the instigators, schemers, and demons that were behind these tribulations. When we act with responsibility, God will surely help us by paying off the scourge and misfortunes. 

H. E. Sayyed Nasrallah: ’’Fake Kidnapping’’ Aimed at Causing Sedition    

Tomorrow is the 40th of Imam Hussein (pbuh) which, this year, comes in the month of February, the days of victory of the Islamic revolution in Iran led by Ayatollah Khomeini who said this revolution is from the blessings of Al Hussein(pbuh), and the blood of Al Hussein(pbuh) and the cries of Al Hussein (pbuh). This revolution which brought about a major historical development in modern times will reveal its greatest and most important effects in the future of the nation and the days to come....the month of February which also holds the memory of our dearest brothers, our teachers and leaders, our beloved martyrs who are also icons of the resistance path leading and belonging to Al Hussein (pbuh) and to Karbala.

I will not talk tonight about the "Israeli" issue or the subject of its threats, namely the latest developments that took place during the past two days. This is a very important development on the subject of "Israel" and Syria. I will leave this to a very near event when we commemorate our martyrs and leaders, Martyr Sayyed Abbas Moussawi, Martyr Sheikh Ragheb Harb, and Martyr Hajj Imad Moghniyeh. Then we'll talk about the threats and developments in the region as well as the stance of the resistance. We shall always be with you, with the resistance in the length of its journey, and on the 10th and 40th of Imam Hussein...we shall always be with Imam Al Hussein (pbuh). Never will we forget Imam Al Hussein.


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Thank you for posting. . .

Thank you for posting this summarized version of Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah\'s speech. It is very informative and it allows non-native Arabic speakers to keep up with the events that unfold in Precious Lebanon. I cannot wait to read the full text of Sayyid Nasrallah\'s speech, soon, God Willing. :)