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Fayyad: We Have the Resistance, Unity, and Palestinians΄ Rights to Rely On

Fayyad: We Have the Resistance, Unity, and Palestinians΄ Rights to Rely On
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Local Editor, 01-02-2010

The member of parliamentary Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc, MP Ali Fayyad, confirmed during an obituary ceremony in Rishknanai, that the national crisis, which occurred because of the Ethiopian plane crash, has impacted every single Lebanese home.

Fayyad further comforted the people, referring that the government is seriously dealing with the situation under national responsibility. He also added that because of the crisis, they found it suitable to form a national committee to manage and confront the disasters.

On the other hand, Fayyad said that "Israel" is proud to announce its responsibility of assassinating a Hamas leader, but what's different here is that the assassination was carried out in another Arabic country outside Palestinian territories. In addition, MP Fayyad added that "Israel" is dealing on the basis that it's a sate above the law and international conventions, and thus does not take into consideration the Arab countries, neither politically nor security wise, nor in any other aspect.

MP Ali Fayyad also affirmed that the settlement is a delusion, and that all bets should rely on other policies, based on resistance, unity, and holding on to the Palestinian rights, taking into consideration that "Israel" is a settling entity that could not be tolerated.