Alahednews Alahednews Pence, King Abdullah Clash over US Recognition of Al-Quds US VP Pence said that he and King Abdullah II of Jordan ’agreed to disagree’ over al-Quds decision. Mike Pence’s Mideast Trip Still On as Gov’t Shutdown Looms US Vice President Mike Pence is making his fourth visit to the ‘Israeli’-occupied territories, returning to a region he’s visited ’a millio Study Shows Sharp Drop in Iraq and Syria Terror Deaths The number of people killed in terror attacks last year in Iraq and Syria saw a sharp drop. Qatar Exile Says He’s Held By UAE; Abu Dhabi Denies Claim A Royal Qatari exile claimed he was being held against his will in the UAE. US-led Coalition Confirms Killing 16 Civilians in Iraq, Syria The US-led coalition admitted killing more civilians in Iraq and Syria. US-Led Coalition: Less than 1,000 Daesh Militants in Iraq, Syria The US-led coalition said that less than 1000 Daesh militants remain in Iraq and Syria. US, Saudi Arabia Arms Significantly Enhanced Daesh’s Capabilities A field investigation into the origins of Daesh weaponry found that US and Saudi-supplied weapons to the Syrian opposition ended up with terrorists Jordan’s Parliament to Review ‘Peace Deal’ with ’Israel’ Lawmakers in Jordan tasked a parliamentary committee to review all agreements with the apartheid ’Israeli’ entity. Qatar Inks $8bn Deal to Buy 24 Typhoon Fighters from UK Qatar signed a multi-billion-dollar deal on Sunday to buy 24 Typhoon fighters from Britain. AL Warns Trump against Recognizing Occupied Al-Quds as ’Israeli’ Capital The Arab League chief said the US move to recognize al-Quds as ’Israel’s’ capital would boost fanaticism and violance. Will Realignment In The Middle East Lead To Rare Stability Or An Eruption? Was cursed Lebanon once again marked for tragedy - one that could envelop the entire Middle East? Qatar Compares Saudi Behavior in Lebanon to Gulf Crisis Qatar compared Saudi’s political maneuvers in Lebanon to the Gulf crisis. UAE Officials Apologize To ‘Israeli’ Judo Team after Handshake Snub! Two Emirati senior sporting officials apologized after one of the country’s competitors refused to shake hands with an ‘Israeli’ opponent at a Qatar Introduces Minimum Wage for Migrant Workers Qatar said it will introduce a minimum wage for workers amid global outcry over ill-treatment. Tillerson from Qatar: Saudi Arabia Not Ready To Talk US State Secretary Rex Tillerson said he has embarked on a diplomatic shuttle to help mend fences between neighboring Gulf countries Saudi Arabia & Qa Qatar Row: Tillerson Heads Back to Deal with Gulf Crisis The United States will again try to resolve a Gulf crisis. Kuwaiti Official Slams ’Israeli’ Comments at An Int’l Conference, Orders Delegates to ‘Get Out’ Kuwait’s chief lawmaker was angered by an ‘Israeli’ parliament representative’s comments on imprisoned Palestinian lawmakers at an internat Qatar Row: Emir Says Open to Dialogue to Resolve Gulf Crisis Qatar’s Emir said that his country is open to dialogue in resolving the Gulf crisis. Bahraini NGO Slams Mounting Use of Capital Punishment in GCC ADHRB condemns the rising use of capital punishment in the GCC. Gulf Rivals Trade Barbs over 2022 World Cup in Qatar Qatar reacted angrily after its Gulf rival questioned whether it should be allowed to host the 2022 football World Cup. Russia: US ‘Pretending’ To Fight Daesh in Syria, Iraq Russia accused the US of pretending to fight Daesh [the Arabic acronym for the Takfiri ‘ISIS/ISIL’ group] in Syria & Iraq. Daesh Short in Male Fighters, Urges Women to Fight & Launch Terror Attacks Daesh calls on women to fight and launch terror attacks for the first time due to a shortage of male fighters. Awal Centre Organizes a Round Table on Int’l Translation Day Marking the International Translation Day that falls on September 30, Awal Centre for Studies and Documentation organized a round table entitled ’T Iran, Iraq Start ’Eqtedar’ Joint Military Drills Iran and Iraq started out joint military maneuvers in the Islamic Republic’s west and northwest to practice providing security for their common bor Iranian-Iraqi Joint Military Drills along Kurdistan Border Iranian Deputy Chief of Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri unveiled on Saturday that his country and Iraq will hold jo