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Sayyed Nasrallah: Resistance Able to Strike Any Target inside ’Israel’, Berri our Candidate As House Speaker Cinema Opening in Saudi Arabia Coincided with 47th Beheading in 2018 US Durham City Bans Police Exchanges with ’Israel’ South Sudan: Fresh Fighting Erupts Between Rival Forces Palestine Urges UN Probe into ’Israeli’ Murders in Gaza Police Reportedly Identify Suspects behind the Skripals’ Poisoning Nicaragua’s Pension Reform Plan: 10 Killed in Violent Opposing Protests Rouhani: Iran Fully Prepared For Any US Scenario A Farmer from Douma: ’I miss my farm. Trees are like kids.’ Natalie Portman Rejects ’Israeli’ Genesis Prize Award Ceremony Sayyed #Nasrallah: The #resistance came with great sacrifices and we aren’t to abandon it, as it means our dignity and pride Sayyed #Nasrallah: I say to Imam al-#Sadr that the #resistance that you have founded owes the capability, power, technology and missiles that can strike any target in the “#Israeli” enemy's entity Sayyed #Nasrallah: I assure Sayyed Sharaf al-Din that there is no humiliation today is able to hit the land of Jabal Amel [South #Lebanon] Sayyed #Nasrallah: Thanks to the #resistance capabilities and achievements, South #Lebanon is currently safe from the #Zionist barbarism Sayyed #Nasrallah: The #resistance that was the dream of Sayyed #Sharaf al-Din and Imam al-#Sadr has now turned to a real force that the enemy greatly fears Sayyed #Nasrallah: Our crime is that we took up arms to defend our land and sovereignty Sayyed #Nasrallah: The #Lebanese state has delayed and turned its back to the #South. It is not the one who bought arms from his own money to defend the land Sayyed #Nasrallah: Before 2006, it was the #resistance that asked the state and the #Lebanese #Army to be present in the #south Sayyed #Nasrallah: The #south and its people have waited for the state since 1948 until Imam al-#Sadr came and adopted the alternative by establishing the #resistance Sayyed #Nasrallah: The sons of Imam al-#Sadr from #Amal and #Hezbollah have developed the concept of #resistance that led to victory
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Paolo / Italy : 13-11-2014 | 08-19 m |
I'm very excited to write in your guest book,i'd like to give you all my support and to have contacts with you,many greetings from Italy

stay strong

Eric Emilio Frenger / USA : 19-08-2014 | 22-13 m |
i would like to thank all of you for posting on this news site hopefully the people will learn more about things good luck everybody lets focus on people sending Alahednews keep sending messages everyone i feel like this site will help people.

Sub-beastly Zionist morality

Joachim Wehovz / Puerto Rico : 30-07-2014 | 15-21 m |
The ideologically blinded, demonized and human-less Zionist West, having planned and executed the dehumanizing airstrike on the Malaysian plane killing almost 300 people only for political vantage, is now openly supporting the demonically protracted Israeli slaughter of Palestinians with thousands of children, women and elderly injured and dead.

The Zionist West blames the - evidently oppressed and for decades brutalized -Palestinians for the Israeli attack on Gaza. What morality is the West claiming when it assumes the ‘responsibility to protect’ in order to slaughter - or helping Israel to slaughter - innocent people as collective punishment? It’s a zombie dumb and sub-beastly corporate morality that is always a totally destructive and collective punishment, either economically and oppressively after plots and wars or violently- genocidally.

It’s a global hate-extermination of mankind.

Behind the conflicts

Joachim Wehovz / Puerto Rico : 30-06-2014 | 20-05 m |
When age-old brewing animosities between nations explode in wars, historical interpretations scrupulously avoid the fact that behind hostilities, destabilizations and war planning is a plotting financial world oligarchy of ‘Chosen People’ which invest in wars to control the counties’ economies after the conflict. This oligarchy has a long prepared, ingenious Judeo-centric orchestration plan for elite world government. What we see in US-NATO extension to Russia is a kind of ‘reversing history’ by reconquering the former ‘Eastern bloc’ for reconstructing the Zionist world despotism, soviet-style. A century after plotting successfully the momentous French Revolution (1789), Rothschild cartel’s world order started by funding the Bolshevik Revolution and communism through its agents, for radicalizing the nations, for power concentration through social engineering and crushing humanity’s resistance, eliminating the remaining vestiges of nationalism and democracy. Wouldn’t it be best to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary – important also for Islam - as religious assignment for the service to humanity, as symbolic testimony of humanity’s eternity and for protection against Zionism‘s progressive erasing of human essence?

New type of false flags

Joachim / Puerto Rico : 19-06-2014 | 15-00 m |
The new model of false flags, the conspirator creates, is not only detailing his baseless story but also exacerbating the story’s implications by raising and globalizing the threat to something horrendous for the whole world. It’s then only a matter of persistently standing on the story’s fabricated facts and their inexistent proofs for readying allies to go to war. With this enormous bluff the conspirator tries to extort concessions from his victims.

Simmering biggest crime in history

Joachim / Puerto Rico : 15-06-2014 | 15-46 m |
The US has created the new terrorism crisis in Iraq by arming the same terrorists – and US proxies - in Syria, in order to use the crisis as a pretext for bombing Syria under an UN appeal to member states for engaging in the “responsibility to protect” and for “promoting democracy.” By playing its contradiction-driven dialectic game - enhanced by mainstream media stories – the US ignores and conceals the fact that they are about to perpetrate the most egregious crime in history against the whole humanity by viciously attacking a peaceful truly democratic and highly educated culture nation, which is loyal to its home country and willing to make sacrifices.

Salaam Alaykum حزب الله!

Jafar / USA : 14-06-2014 | 04-33 m |
I proudly respect you as the Shi'ite Defence force of Leabon the defenders of Al-Quds and the Assad Syria. I love you Sayyid Nasrallah! LABAIK ALLAH LABAIKA MUHAMMAD LABAIK ALI LABAIK HEZBALLAH! Ya Aba Abdillah!

upgraded SNC

Joachim / Puerto Rico : 07-05-2014 | 14-43 m |
By playing the game of legitimizing their Syrians-hating proxy terrorists as nation’s representatives – being monsters that enjoy the Takfiri committed genocide against Syrian people through excruciating massacres - the US government displays its absolutely insane-narcissistic hate against the very existence of the whole mankind.

I love Hezbollah!

Christoph Dickson / Switzerland : 04-02-2014 | 15-39 m |
Keep the truth alive!


IVAN / Italy : 11-11-2013 | 01-35 m |
All my support from Italy

Eid Mubarak

Kerry Sparling / Canada : 09-08-2013 | 12-30 m |
I offer my warmest greetings & best wishes to the Shia of Iran, Lebanon, and around the world as you break the fast and celebrate Eid. May Allah protect and guide you in the upcoming year. May He continue to give divine guidance, wisdom & strength to Sayyed Nasrallah & Ayatollah Khamenei.

We are proud of you

sayyed asad reza khan / India : 06-08-2013 | 10-02 m |
salams to all my brothers and sisters of HEZBOLLAH, i am from Hyderabad, India. i wanted to tell you people that we the followers of AHLULBAIT(as) of our city and our entire country are very proud of you, and our prayers are with you. we are very thankful to you that you people are protecting the shrine of BIBI ZAYNAB(sa) in Damascus. we are very eager to meet you people and kiss your sacred hands. But you people dont worry ALLAH(swt) is with you and AHLULBAIT(as) is with you and our prayers is with you. GOD bless you
Long live HEZBOLLAH.
we are at your service oh NASRALLAH


Pradhuman Singh / India : 19-06-2013 | 13-16 m |
May God bless you and may you be victorious.


David / Ireland : 02-06-2013 | 17-48 m |
Greetings from Ireland

Long Live Life

ali tahir / Pakistan : 16-05-2013 | 18-47 m |
My Dear Soldeirs whole nation of pakistani are with you, we salute you, our prayers are for you, you deserve to be the soldier of IMAM AL QAIM (A.J)


Leon Hopkins / USA : 06-05-2013 | 07-01 m |
I support the resistance against the blood thirsty Jews

God Bless Hisbollah

V.R.Sonti / USA : 05-05-2013 | 13-57 m |
May the Almighty Bless your organization and its leaders. I am a Hindu. As our leader, Mahatma Gandhi said, every country without exception, belongs to the people who live there. So do the Palestinians, Iranians, Egyptians , Pakistanis and Kashmiris. Gandhi gave his life to protect the freedom of people to choose their nationality. It is to me a shame that India denies this right to the people of Kashmir..

the Zionists will fail -there is no doubt about that !!!


Slavomir / Poland : 24-04-2013 | 23-08 m |
Jews have destroyed our country and our economy. Polish people hate Israel with all his heart. Hezbollah we look for cooperation to destroy this Jewish plague. Praise be to Allah!


ABBAS NAZERALI / Tanzania : 11-04-2013 | 12-01 m |
To our dear Sayyed Hassan and all those at MOQAWAMA:

Our Salaams to Sayyed Hassan and all.
May the creator protect you and bless you for your efforts in the protection and the enhancement of our UMMA.
We continuosly pray for you all.
Its a pity that we cannot meet you and kiss your noble forehead.

From the servants of the Holy Ahlul-Bayt in Tanzania.

All the best

Max K. / USA : 09-04-2013 | 12-20 m |
All the best and may peace be upon the Hizbollah on their resistance. Help your Palestinian neighbors to end the oppression and occupation of not only their land but of the very people of Palestine. Just keep it within reason and the international community WILL support you. Expose the atrocities of the Nazi "state" of israel and the world will listen and respond accordingly. All the best from the USA. Thank you.

Nowruz Mubarak

Kerry Sparling / Canada : 20-03-2013 | 11-59 m |
I would like to wish the Iranian people a very Happy New Year.

Khomeini\'s Return

Kerry Sparling / Canada : 01-02-2013 | 12-17 m |
I wish to congratulate the Iranian people as they celebrate the return of Imam Khomeini. May the next 10 days be filled with joy & happiness as you remember the man who helped establish the Islamic Republic in which you live today.


isah ibraheem kombani / Nigeria : 17-12-2012 | 14-27 m |
Thank you for the good job you are doing,may almighty Allah grant you the best in your sytuggle.

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