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MP Jumblatt on suspicion calls for vengeance and murder of President Assad
Source: Manar TV, 25-12-2006
In a funeral ceremony marking the death of his personal security chief Salman Seyour, Jumblatt seized the moment to call for killing the Syrian President and threatened him with killing for as long as it takes. MP Walid Jumblatt who was attending the ceremony along with other political representatives from his ruling bloc, was not settled with the speeches made on his behalf first by Issam Halabi and then by MP Wael Abu Faour. He decided to make a speech of his own and speak about betrayal and shower the Syrian president with insults before recalling Nawaf Ghazaleh, who killed former Syrian President Adib Shishakli. Jumblatt said: "I did not find the right words to bid you farewell, so I asked comrade Issam Halabi and comrade Wael Abu Faour to speak for me. But there is something that has to be said. ... A (Nawaf) must emerge one day - signaling Nawaf Ghazaleh who killed former Syrian President Adib Shishakli - and if the international court proves futile, we are (Nawafs) and we are all (Salma Seyour) and we are all (Jamal Saab). No matter how long it take, one of us will emerge and take revenge for all the martyrs, starting from Kamal Jumblatt to Pierre Gemayel who I hope is the last."

14-01-2008 | 13:09

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