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Sheikh Daamoush: Tayouneh Massacre Was Committed by the Lebanese Forces Party at American Behest

Sheikh Daamoush: Tayouneh Massacre Was Committed by the Lebanese Forces Party at American Behest
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Translated by Staff, Hezbollah Media Relation

Deputy Chief of Hezbollah Executive Council Sheikh Ali Daamoush asserted that “Hezbollah and its honorable and loyal members were always patient and persistent and were never weakened by circumstances nor broken by crises. All the plots, malice, wars, terrorism, blockades, and sanctions of the enemy couldn’t impede their faith, awareness, will, determination, and commitment to the choice of the Resistance”.

Sheikh Daamoush said in Friday sermon that “both the leadership and the supporters of the Resistance will face the new challenges and dangers with all the culture, wisdom, awareness, faith, will and patience they have got”, adding that “Today, our enemies inside and outside the country are trying with all the possible media, political, economic and judiciary means along with murder – like yesterday – to let us yield so that we give up our strength and resistance.”

“Our enemies are vengeful, and their history is full of crimes, massacres, murder and discord. Today, they are pouring all their malice and meanness on us to weaken us, tarnish our image and erode our resistance and strong presence inside and outside the country… We can’t confront them unless we have awareness, persistence, patience, trust in the Almighty and to hold onto our choices,” he said.

His Eminence added, “Never think for a second that we are patient because of weakness, incapacity or helplessness that befell us, but rather we are patient because we are strong, wise, and endure the pain since we don’t want to be drawn to the discord they are trying to trigger. We don’t want to ruin our country. They will see that we are high mountains facing all their attempts and mischievous conspiracies, and they won’t ever fulfill their goals or achieve their purposes.”

He stressed that “We have always been a society that is resilient, courageous, strong, aware and resistant to conspiracies. Yesterday, our people have proved once again their awareness, patience, discipline and adherence to civil peace despite the massacre committed against them by America’s agents whose history is full of crimes and massacres against Lebanese Muslims and Christians.”

“What happened yesterday is a premediated and planned criminal act that was carried out by the Lebanese Forces party at American behest to take revenge on those who exposed their project to conspire against Lebanon, its Resistance and its allies, and who aimed at exposing the politicization of the Beirut Port blast investigation file and prevented it from being used politically in Lebanon”, he said.

His Eminence also pointed out that “The martyrs who were treacherously murdered in Tayouneh had sacrificed their lives to protect Lebanon and its civil peace from discord. Their case won’t be neglected or forgotten and will always be open until the murderers and criminals, whose names and affiliations are known, are justly punished.”

“Hezbollah and Amal Movement will follow up on this case according to the appropriate legal context till the end, and there will be no impunity for those who executed, planned and incited this massacre”, he asserted.

Sheikh Daamoush said that "The path we had started in removing the judicial investigator and redirecting the Beirut Port blast investigation to their correct legal track in order to remove them from the circle of politicization and discretion, will continue and we won't retreat. Neither American intimidation, the criminality of the Lebanese Forces party nor the suspicious mouthpieces that intend to blur the truth will deter us from following up on this case”.

"Say whatever you want about the Resistance and blame all your ugliness, malice and crimes on it, but know that the inevitable undisputed result is that all your actions will backfire on you; and you will pay the price of your crimes sooner or later, and the Resistance won't budge and will triumph, God willing," His Eminence concluded.