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Iranian General: US Ought to Flee West Asia

Iranian General: US Ought to Flee West Asia
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By Staff, Agencies

The US forces in Syria are heading towards the same doomed fate that they suffered in Afghanistan, a high-ranking Iranian general said, stressing that the Americans will have to run away from the entire West Asia region, accept Iran as a major power, and rejoin the JCPOA.

In comments at a cultural ceremony in Tehran on Monday, Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi, the top military adviser to Leader of the Islamic Revolution His Eminence Sayyed Ali Khamenei, said the Americans cannot stay in Syria and will have to escape in the same way that they left Afghanistan.

The US also has to flee the Gulf region and the West Asia, he said, adding, “The Americans should bear in mind that the regional nations will throw them away from this region.”

“The Americans will have to escape Syria soon in the same way that they fled Afghanistan.”

Highlighting the failure of the US policies on Iran and the rise of the Islamic Republic as a major power in the region, Major General Rahim Safavi said, “The Americans have to give in to the great power of Iran, surrender, and rejoin the JCPOA, because Iran has superior conditions in the national and regional areas.”

The general also hailed the new Iranian administration’s foreign policy of expansion of ties with 15 neighboring states, orientation to the East, and Iran’s permanent membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization [SCO] as promising and glorious approaches to the settlement of problems.

Touching on the challenges and threats that the US is facing in relations with Russia, China and North Korea, he said, “As the biggest power in West Asia, Iran joined the SCO according to the common interests, threats and enemy. Of course, we share common interests with the SCO states as well.”

The general went on to say that the SCO has managed to expand its geopolitical and geostrategic clout as its Eastern powers have been connected to the West Asia’s power, namely Iran, which has a perfect geopolitical position and whose regional influence stretches to the Mediterranean Sea.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization officially welcomed Iran as a new member of the Eurasian political, economic, and security alliance, at its 21st summit in Dushanbe on September 17.