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Iranian Naval Flotilla Accomplishes Mission without Any Help

Iranian Naval Flotilla Accomplishes Mission without Any Help
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By Staff, Agencies

The 75th flotilla of the Iranian Navy returned home after sailing 45,000 kilometers in three oceans as part of a mission that was carried without receiving any help from any country, the Navy chief said.

Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, Commander of the Iranian Navy Rear Admiral Shahram Irani said the country’s 75th flotilla of military vessels, including Sahand destroyer and Makran forward base ship, has marked a watershed in the history of the country’s naval industry by accomplishing a major mission.

He said the flotilla has returned to Iran after sailing 45,000 kilometers in three oceans, passing by 55 countries in three continents, and sending the message of peace and friendship from Iran.

Describing Iran as the only country that ensures its maritime security single-handedly, the admiral said the Iranian flotilla completed the mission without receiving help from any country.

The Iranian warships did not need to make any port call to fulfill even the technical needs, he added.

Rear Admiral Irani said the enemies had focused on the Iranian flotilla to detect the smallest violation of regulations, but the Iranian servicemen did not violate any maritime law and managed to sail through three major canals and 8 straits safely.

The 75th Iranian flotilla arrived in Russia in July to participate in the naval parade on the occasion of Russian Navy Day.

The giant Makran forward base ship berthed at the entrance of Volga-Don Canal, since the water in the parade zone was not deep enough for it.

Vessels from the navies of Iran, India, and Pakistan were present in the parade.