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Shias Worldwide Commemorate Ashura

Shias Worldwide Commemorate Ashura
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By Staff, Agencies

Shias around the world are observing the Day of Ashura, Muharram 10, with due solemnity in remembrance of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein [AS] today Thursday.

This is the second Ashura being observed under the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic.

In Lebanon, the commemoration of the 10th of Muharram 1443 AH commenced during the early morning in Beirut’s southern suburbs, with the recitation of the events of the Battle of Karbala which resulted in the martyrdom of Imam Hussein [AS] and his companions.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be not a procession.

In Yemen, the Yemenis are preparing to take to the streets of the capital, Sanaa, and the rest of the provinces, to participate in the Ashura processions.

The organizing committee called for the wide participation, stressing the importance of public participation in this commemoration and emphasizing the continuity of steadfastness and perseverance in the face of the forces of global arrogance.

In Pakistan, the government has shut down mobile services in major cities of the country, including Karachi, Hyderabad, Quetta, and Sukkur to avoid any untoward incident.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan urged his countrymen to pay tribute Imam Hussain [AS] by supporting the truth and justice, besides thwarting every falsehood tactics.

He said that Iman Hussein [AS] had proved through his practice that one should always side with the truth and never hesitate to sacrifice their life for a cause.

Khan said Imam Hussein [AS], along with his companions, were martyred after they refused to accept the aggression of Yazid.

Imam Hussein [AS] preferred martyrdom to bowing before tyranny, the premier said.

Muslims in the British capital, London, held on Wednesday rallies marking Ashura, in the most remarkable event since the easing of Coronavirus restrictions.

The rally passed by a number of main streets in the capital, where the participants raised the Husseini banners.

Every year, Shias around the world hold mourning ceremonies for Imam Hussein [AS], which usually continue to the 11th or 12th of Muharram and, in some regions, to the end of the month of Safar [the following month].