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DAILY SCOPE: Syrian Army Foils MOC-Led Attack in Syria

DAILY SCOPE: Syrian Army Foils MOC-Led Attack in Syria
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Syrian Army Destroys ‘Liaison Office' in Qunaitra
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Terror Suspect Headed to Saudi Arrested in Beirut

DAILY SCOPE: Syrian Army Foils MOC-Led Attack in Syria

Lebanon awaits some outcome on the much-awaited dialogue between the Christian powers in Lebanon, which is part of the ‘National Dialogue' taking place to solve the presidential impasse in the country.

Commenting on the progress towards the talks between the Free Patriotic Movement and the Lebanese Forces, Head of the free patriotic Movement Michel Aoun expressed optimism about overcoming the challenges. 

"I am optimistic about dialogue with the Lebanese Forces, but there are difficulties that we need time to discuss them," Aoun told local al-Akhbar newspaper on Wednesday. 

Aoun acknowledged he had made some concessions to Geagea, saying: "We are facing a national crisis. I give in order to get out of the crisis," adding "I did not only offer an opportunity to Geagea alone. I have given reunion many chances. There are those who remain, and those who do not complete the road."

"The presidency is not in his pocket," Aoun said. "Either Geagea or me, but he may have luck to become president."

Aoun on Tuesday has promised to hold accountable corrupt officials if he were elected a president, denying that he has made certain political concessions and stressing that he is part of the resistance axis against terrorists and "Israel".

"If I were elected president, I would deploy the accountability system and consolidate judicial inspection," Aoun told al-Akhbar newspaper in a lengthy interview published on Tuesday.
On another domestic issue, the General Security detained a suicide bomber at Beirut's Rafik Hariri International Airport on her way to Saudi Arabia, media reports said on Wednesday.

According to as-Safir newspaper, Fatima al-Khalida was traveling to Riyadh when the General Security members detained her upon a document circulated by the Lebanese Army.

Al-Khalida is reportedly one of the suicide bombers who were going target the Iranian Embassy based on a scheme prepared by Saudi national Abou Hamza al-Muhajir. Al-Akhbar newspaper said that the General Security will refer the detainee, al-Khalida, to the army for further investigation.

Al-Muhajir was a senior aid to slain leader of al-Qaida in Iraq Abou Musab al-Zarqawi, who assumed the leadership of al-Qaida branch in Iraq after the death of Zarqawi in an airstrike in 2006. In 2010, the US military confirmed the death of al-Muhajir in the western Iraqi province of Anbar.

On the regional level, the Syrian army conducted a pre-emptive strike on Tuesday, targeting the terrorist groups in the depth of the Sothern Qunaitra, turning one of the extremists' posts into rubble. The operation targeted the ‘First army'; the branch of the terrorist group which is in direct coordination with the "Israeli" army and was in charge of the Military Operations Command [MOC], that included intelligence personals from Jordan, the US, Saudi Arabia and France in accordance with "Israeli" intelligence. 

Field sources reported that the operation targeted a group of armed terrorists who were in a meeting to arrange for a major attack on Dara'a' and Qunaitra outskirts upon demand by MOC. 

Moreover, Syrian military sources said that operation conducted by the Syrian army foils the expectations of the terrorist groups that the army is unable to monitor their movement on ground or target them at the borders with occupied Palestine. 

Reports have circulated on Daesh and the terrorist groups aiming at targeting Lebanon soon, but zs-Safir quoted well-informed sources that the current situation with its present elements and factors shows the opposite. The sources said it is unlikely that the terrorist groups will launch attacks against Lebanon, for a few reasons including that Qalamoun is not a safe haven to Daesh due to the internal conflict between the terrorist groups, the inability to contain the Nusra presence, the inability to surpass the qualitative fighting skills of Hizbullah and the Lebanese army. 

Moving to Iraq, Iraqi security troops, backed by Shia, Sunni volunteers and tribal forces, have reportedly entered the strategic city of Tikrit from multiple directions, al-Liwaa quoted reports. 

Iraqi forces have reportedly taken control of the al-Qadisiyah neighborhood from "ISIL" Takfiri terrorists, where the Takfiris are besieged in the center of the city. 

According to reports, the streets of Tikrit have been covered with dead bodies of the "ISIL" terrorists. Some of the terrorists were killed by the Iraqi forces, while others were executed by their fellow Takfiris for fleeing the battle.

In a statement, the Tikrit tribesman have announced that they too are participating in the fight to push out the Takfiris from Tikrit. Iraqi warplanes conducted several airstrikes on ISIL militants in Tikrit.

Peshmarga forces have attacked the ISIL terrorists in Riyad district near Hawija, located 240 kilometers north of the capital, Baghdad. The terrorists have reportedly fled to the town of Shirqat north of Tikrit on the way to Mosul.

Source: al-Ahed news