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’Israel’ Confiscates More Palestinian Land in Occupied WB
Local Editor

"Israeli" authorities on Thursday confiscated 20 dunums [5 acres] of Palestinian land near the Zionist settlement bloc of Ariel in the northern occupied West Bank, on the same day that "Israeli" authorities halted plans to take 15 dunums [4 acres] nearby.

"Israeli" bulldozers began razing 20 dunums of agricultural lands in the Palestinian village of Haris near Barqan settlement on Thursday, while locals said dozens of "Israelis" from the nearby Zionist settlement came to help destroy the fields.

The land seizure and destruction of Palestinian agriculture comes on the same day that Palestinian officials, working in coordination with the local Committee Against "Israel's" Separation Wall and the Settlements, announced that they had succeeded in saving 15 dunums of land from confiscation just a few kilometers away, in the southwestern part of the Ariel settlement bloc.

Since the beginning of the 1967 occupation of the West Bank, "Israel" has confiscated hundreds of thousands of dunums by declaring it "state" land.

Moreover, much of Palestinian anger over Zionist settlements in occupied east al-Quds has focused on Silwan, a densely populated neighborhood on a steep hillside just south of the Old City.
The area hit the headlines in the past month [October] after settlers acquired another 35 apartments there, triggering outrage from the Palestinians and condemnation from Washington.

Furthermore, the European Union [EU] condemned earlier this month [October] an "Israeli" plan to build 2,610 new illegal settler units in occupied East al-Quds.

Brussels called on "Israel" to "urgently reverse" actions leading to settlement expansion in occupied East al-Quds.

The "Israeli" plan also drew condemnation from Washington, with White House spokesman Josh Earnest warning that the move would "distance "Israel" from even its closest allies" and with US President Barack Obama telling Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Washington's deep concern over the proposed development.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team


24-10-2014 | 11:38

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